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Karl Rove and his Chalkboard…will lose.

Nobody Flashes

The Trump crowds are BIGGER and more excited then 2016.

President Trump is more experienced and wiser.

The American people are wiser.

BUT…the media is downright scary. State controlled propaganda on every station. They continue to push the outright lie that the country hates Trump and loves and trusts Joe Biden and it’s going to be a CLOSE race.

Fox is especially annoying. They play his rallies, and Joe’s and then all day long they continue to act like Joe is VERY popular, and Trump isn’t.

The Bush family. The Deep state. I bet they cringe when Tucker Carson gets all those high numbers.

I must admit, I was down tonight listening to the continuous basing of our President, and the fear mongering they do every single minute: about Trump, Covid, and the burned down cities that are coming to us all, so…

So, I suggested we get out of the house and enjoy that beautiful full moon. A full moon on Halloween which won’t happen for another 17 years or so. It was so cool…the black clouds floating in front of that round white globe of surreal beauty. A moon FIT for a werewolf. (And even Pelosi)

Not many kids were out. The streets were dark. ALL our Holidays are being destroyed. A few neighbors were having bonfires in their driveways.

So when the doorbell rang around 7pm., I was shocked. We haven’t had kids come to the door in over 5 years. But, I was ready just in case.

Two young black boys, about 14 years old, one was Jason, and one was a Stephen King scary clown.

“Wow, you guys are SCARY!” Really, the masks were great.

I gave them enough Snickers to last the whole week.

Obviously they enjoyed scaring me, but as they walked away..and with a lot of joy in their voices…they yelled…

“Thank you!”

Remember, they walked up to a house with numerous American Flags and memorials to soldiers.

Even though they were my only visitors…it was a GOOD sign. Don’t believe the many video’s of all the blacks robbing and looting and burning down their own towns, there are a LOT of good blacks who are sick of it all.

Yep. As I said before, it’s the black vote that is going to put Trump back into the White House. That’s my Nobody Opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Karl Rove can go BACK to his chalk board and wonder why.

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