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Nobody’s Opinion: Death Cure…Mandatory?

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It was in 2015 that Bill Gates gave his famous talk in TED about the virus that was coming to kill us all. That same year, filming began on “The Death Cure.” The third movie in a series of MAZE Runner outbreaks.

My husband and I watched it tonight and the similarities between the script and the events of 2020 were, pretty obvious. The movie was all about rich elites trying to find a cure for a killer virus. There were a few kids immune, and these kids were the “heroes” but the rich elites had “Humanity” in mind so killing these kids was okay if they could help with a cure.  The ends justified the means.

The one scene that struck me was a scene where hundreds of people in a city, were walking around with masks on. It could be a scene now right out of New York.  Fast forward to today. The President, who has tried to balance this blunt bio weapon attack from China with common sense, the democrats are using it as it has been intented….to “Fundamentally Transform” not only America but the world.

Into their global plans which they have NOT been quiet about: Electric cars, mandated vaccines, socialized medicine. (which I will cover tomorrow) and the destruction of the Constitution.

Only, they keep telling us they are following it. Ha. Right.

Biden has promised electric battery stations to be build throughout the country if elected. Solar panels and windmills on every home…utopia planet.

He came out with this as soon as Trump went into Walter Reed.

Uh…shouldn’t they fix the old bridges, the crumbling streets and pot holes FIRST? We all know this is just plain…stupid.

They will control everything: How much water you can use, how much toilet paper you can use, how far you will be allowed to travel, and IF you can shop without that mandated vaccine.

They are rationing water and electric in California already. Don’t expect to hear anybody complain about it on TV, won’t happen.

The democrats and Gates want to shut down the entire world. Gates has threatened all activity to stop and THEN vaccinations for the whole world. Never mind they are destroying millions of lives while doing it.

This isn’t science fiction, this is REAL. Just yesterday I got a letter from my electric company Ameren UE saying new meter were coming, which of course we will be able to ‘monitor’ and turn off our electric at certain times of the day.

The same mandates with our health care. If you are not heathy, and slim, you WILL pay more.

It seems rather strange to many that the virus ONLY attacks church goers and republican politicians. And now, Biden is the smart one, he stayed hidden, and virus free.

Now, many of the staff at the White House have come down with the virus, infected it is reported by the President’s own stupidity they are saying.

Funny…it was just a section of front row GOP politicians, sitting at the introduction of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who they do NOT want on the Bench.

And here’s the thought in many minds: Was this really President Trump’s fault? Did not every one of those people go through vicious screening before being allowed in?

Couldn’t someone have actually infected all these people? Its air borne, right? It’s even transmittable in water. So, a good CIA agent could easily have set this up.

Of COURSE, they could have. If the President died, all the better for them.

From the video seen tonight, I think the President will come back in full force.

And unlike the movie Death Cure, where the people’s revolution burnt down the cities, the people in the United States do NOT want a civil war.

Nancy Pelosi’s can take all her quiver go point them at some other country.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t’ WANT an electric car. I don’t WANT somebody to dictate what food I can eat. I don’t want some communist rich elite politician telling me that I an NOT an essential worker.

This is global communism.

We only have a month to go…if we should up in force, President Trump will not let us down.

Bill Gates on the other hand, needs to just make a movie, and star himself: I’ve already got a name for him “The Death God”

He tells us the NEXT virus will be even more deadly.

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