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Corporations & Tech: Who Runs the Show?

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Wow. I don’t know WHERE to start today, so much is going on. As many have pointed out, including the good Paul Joseph Watson, it’s like we are reading pages ripped out of George Orwell’s novels.

What IS becoming clearer every day, is that it seems now the corporate world is running our country, controlling everything we read and hear, and THEY are in bed with the CIA, FBI, and Justice Department. Zuckerberg became the new Goebbels, and Twitter’s Dorsey is the new propaganda minister. I’m beginning to think the CIA created both Facebook and Twitter.

So, who’s running THEM? China? Obama? Or was Trump suggesting…men in the shadows none of us would suspect. Will Ted Cruz and Barr bring them to justice?

Not before the election, count on it.

In the last four years we witnessed a former Secretary of State commit so many crimes, she made Nixon look like a man who was just clueless. Not Hillary. Even though it’s clear that the Clintons actually get along better with the Bushes, than the Obama’s they worked together to destroy President Trump.

Treason. No punishment.

The lies told during the impeachment…treason. Same.

The crimes committed by the Biden family? Treason. Justice? No, he’s running for office.

We now know that the crimes committed by the Biden family were even bigger than Hillary’s.

Frankly, I think the Clinton’s have been doing the same game all over the world as the Biden’s, and made JUST as much money, but people are just more scared of Hillary due to the fact, that people on her enemies tend to die. In fact, I’m still waiting for Hillary to ‘nudge’ him off the planet and take over.

In other news….

The World Series is being played on TV tonight, with a background of fake people piped in as though there are thousands watching. Half the fun is watching the people behind home plate. Boring. I turned it off after five minutes.

And today, Joe Buck, son of the great Jack Buck sports announcer here in St. Louis, joined with his liberal partner putting down the flying jets over a football game.

Joe Buck, isn’t HALF the sports announcer his father was. He got the gig because of his father. He bores me. Sadly, I bet you could go into any sports stadium and find a better sports announcer in the bleacher seats, that’s how boring Joe is.

But Joe, like the ROCK, like Bob Costas: like so many of Hollywood and our most beloved sports players, have all endorsed Joe Biden.

Yeah. Vote for Joe, because they have already put their money in offshore accounts, and China has promised them big careers and lots of money. Not enough money left here for any of them.

America will speak in a few days. And who knows? It seems our most treasonous Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has ruled that Pennsylvania can decide the Presidency.

I remember when Obama ran. EVERYONE in Philly…and I mean 99 percent of the vote went to Obama. Nobody even questioned that obvious fluke.

We can only hope and pray that the good Amy is true to her word, and is NOT a globalist.

You know, I once had a job running a Karaoke bar here in St. Louis, and Joe Buck came in one night with his “office” to have some fun. He walked around the bar, and hardly even sat with his people. They TRIED to get him up to sing, and I probably could have forced him…with getting the audience to BRING HIM UP… (I was pretty good at doing that.) but I didn’t want to mess with him. He looked…mean. Maybe he just didn’t want to be there, but still, you know that gut feeling you get when you don’t like someone?

I had it. I left him alone. He still looks “mean” on T.V. Sorry. Like Mike Wallace, the talent of his dad did not go to him.

Rush Limbaugh today was even more disappointed, because it’s the American people who sacrifice their lives, their kids, their tax money, and they deserve to be given a flyover. Rush was upset that Joe, who he has played golf with, turned out to be so UNAMERICAN.

Shame on Joe Buck.

Just another sportscaster that can move to China.

The flyover of our boys in the Jets are PAID for by the American people. If we can pay for millions of illegals to get health care, senators and Congressmen and women to have private jets and big pensions, and their own special health care (Not to mention 150 staffers and lawyers to do their jobs) if we can pay for all the money they send overseas to make themselves rich, if we can send our boys and girls to strange lands to fight for countries that hate us, then I think a few flyovers by our wonderful jet pilots is the LEAST they can do for us.

They don’t do much else except tax us all to poverty.

Okay, this is rant. I’m off now.

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