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As you all know, one of the Wal-marts in Philly was destroyed a few nights ago, and the ‘mob’ continues to destroy. As I’ve said before, I’m NOT a big fan of Wal-Mart, but right now, with all the small stores and malls that have been destroyed, Wal-Mart and the Dollar Stores are pretty much what’s left around my area. I find it funny that so far, no grocery stores have been looted.

Why is that? I thought they were all starving?

So, I made a trip today to stock up because my Wal-Mart might be destroyed in a couple of days.

The election is just a few days away. The communists —who now seem to include the democratic party and the BIG Tech guys, not to mention all the other globalists who have been on the China ride to destroying our country, are threatening mass destruction once Trump is declared the winner.

While Alex Jones swears it’s the last breath of our country, I have to wonder if he is even looking at the crowds going to see the President.

Yes, there are STILL a lot of American who will fight for their country. And we have a LOT of guns. And that includes x military men and police. As long as they don’t do Bill Clinton’s dire warnings of an EMP attack, we should be okay.

But, I don’t trust the Clintons or the deep state, do you?

But, just in case, I now go into Wal-Mart with a bit of humor. MY protection is…my choice of a mask. If you HAVE to wear a mask, you have to make sure you don’t offend anybody who is planning on looting.

(Go ahead, how can you hurt a big friendly puppy dog?) I’ll just bark and yell “BLACK LIVES MATTER! GO GET THAT TV! HURRY, THERE’s ONLY A FEW LEFT” and then I’ll run like any other dog would.

Yes, that’s me shopping at Sams today, which is right next to Wal-Mart.

The F.B.I. NOW has my REAL photo. ALL the black workers at Wal-Mart LOVE my mask, and yes, I bought it right there.

I accept treats. And NO…don’t ask me if I do any tricks.

That’s Hunter Biden department. And you can find him in the basement of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Go bother him, and ask him where he gets HIS meat.

(Sorry. I just heard Dana on FOX say that people didn’t really care about the Biden crimes…not this election.)

And THAT’s why Nobody Cares.

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