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Gates or God?

Nobody’s Opinion

The great “minds” of the world, are the men that run the deep state that according to our President (and I happen to agree with him) are not necessity what the world needs. Despite how they convince themselves, and the secrets they share, to advance society, they do what they do because they say you need more than LOGIC.

LOGIC is not the whole answer. Logic to one man is death to another.

And here’s the REAL reason why: Let’s compare two men who shaped the world, the man who invented the computer, and the other man who brought it into every desktop.

Bill Gates VS Alan Turing

We have all seen the greatness of autistic people. In the movie, The Imitation Game, we learn that Alan is a workaholic, clearly suffers from obsessive compulsiveness, and a bit of an autistic manner. People born with this, in many cases, wonderful geniuses, come up with the inventions that nobody else can see. Their power of concentration is beyond the normal man’s ability, and their main fault is that emotionally, human wise, they tend to be laser focused on that one subject on which they are driven to ‘solve.’ Not very emotional.

Many of them, can’t even hug, or show emotion to other humans.

And THIS is where the danger lies. When logic over rules humanity.

This Nobody Thinks, there could have been autistic tendencies in both Gates and Turing. Gates used to sway back and force…he has since stop that in front of cameras.

Now, clearly the world has a problem. We are finding out that the world is being run by fewer and fewer men and women at the top. They look at the world, and to THEM, they are looking at it with Logic.

“We need a reset” they say, and Covid is the opportunity to make their great ‘reset’ of the world.

If there are too many people in the world, and not enough food, then logically, they have to get rid of many of us as they can. Or stop as many of us from being born as they can.

In THEIR minds, they are saving the planet.  

In the movie The Imitation Game, we learn that the British government has Alan Turing develop a computer that could decipher the enigma machine. A machine that the Germans used to send messages in code to everyone. When Alan solved the problem by inventing the first computer to decipher the message, the government decided (and Alan) that no one must know about the machine. They could have stopped hundreds of men who were going to be killed that day, but decided not to, so that the Germans would not find out. INSTEAD, and to me this is very important, the British government would decide what battles could be won, and what lost. In other words, like doctors on a battle field, THEY would decide who would live and who would die. They would sacrifice lives…so that the Germans would never find out their ‘secret’.

To the elites of the world, THIS IS LOGICAL. Logic should always rule.

But, to the average Joe, we ask, “What gives them the right to be God?”

We are seeing this ‘logic’ now in Bill Gates. Both he had Fauci cannot even comprehend that by releasing the virus, and then shutting down the whole world (starving people) for two years is a problem. They freely admit, many will suffer.

But in THEIR sick minds, the planet could do with less people, so it’s a good thing.


To the rest of humanity, it’s genocide.

At the end of the movie, a friend of Alan’s told him how many people’s lives he saved. Never mentioning how many lives he killed. The movie made you think that the British government, took a very hard stand to SAVE England. They did what any good doctor would do, decide who lives and who dies.

With Covid, it’s the old and infirm who mostly die. Call me whatever you want, but I believed it was designed to do just that.

They say Alan committed suicide. And it was because he was treated with hormones by the Brits because he was a homosexual. He killed himself because he was tormented and ostracized by being homosexual.

But maybe, just maybe, Alan, suddenly saw humanity.

Is it logical to kill a child after it is born just because the government says it is? Because a liberal says it’s logical?

That’s the real question the rest of us have to decide.

Whether we leave our lives in the hands of God, or Gates.

I’ve already made my choice. Now, let’s hope God helps us all out. Even geniuses must be made to see their own missing links.

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