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Just overnight, in my neighborhood, I saw many signs, not for Biden but for a democratic woman politician running against our FIRST black conservative. These flyers are mostly on the main streets with lots of traffic. AND, mostly on the poorest of houses which makes you wonder if they are getting paid to let those banners on their lawns.

I have seen not ONE Trump sign in my neighborhood which is no surprise because when he was elected in 2016, I was the only one with a Trump sign. And yet I knew a lot of Trump supporters.

What I DO see, which wasn’t there before in 2016, are massive displays of American flags flying everywhere on the houses. And what I do know, is that many of the blacks I meet are going to vote for Trump.

Nevertheless, we thought when Trump was elected in 2016 that the country would settle down, and get back to business.

Instead we saw the biggest temper tantrum in American History.

Hopefully, we have learned that even when he gets elected again, the hatred for him and America will not stop. It took a long time to build this much ignorance and hatred, and it will probably take just as long to correct it.

The good news is: They can’t hide anymore can they?

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