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Nobody’s Fool: Jack Hallett-Christine Williams

Nobody's Fool

I have two nominations for the Nobody’s Fool Award this week.

One will take only a few minutes to enjoy, the other will take an hour, but you WILL be amazed and learn all about the dangers that Canada and IT’s borders present to us if you are interested in that subject.

Above, is 100-year-old, Jack Hallett...a man who President Trump gave a standing ovation to at one of his rallies. But listen to him here. He was PERFECT. Just great! Joe Biden talks like a two-year-old compared to this great patriot. Jack is truly an amazing example of sheer brain power. God bless him. Seeing this started off my morning right.

And the other was Christine Williams

This woman reminds us of what REAL journalists do. She’s simply incredible and I found myself watching the whole video…you probably will too. An amazing reporter. If you can find the time, be sure and check her out. We know so LITTLE about Canada, and the Muslim threat from there. And Christine goes into detail you won’t hear anywhere else.

BOTH are Nobody’s Fool. If I had an award to give them, I would.

(Thanks to g-man)

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