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Debate Was Clear: Biden BIG China/Communist takeover VS Trump Making America Great Again, and Again, and Again…and…one more time.

Well, thank GOD that’s over with. The last debate. While Kristen did lob a few hard questions at Biden, she also stopped Trump for talking close to a trillion times. Or so it seemed. Her questions, as usual were loaded with Trump ‘crimes’

Nobody Wins if you happen to be following the mainstream media and don’t know what hate full questions they were.


If you’re worried that the press is going to say that Biden won, don’t worry. Sure, he had bags under his eyes, but remember, they can do all kinds of thing to video feeds now.

The substance of Trump’s sound reasoning which he expressed tonight, and his record will lead him to win.

Besides, they can’t hide ALL the videos on the billions that Biden has been making. Sure, Joe can say he didn’t take one penny from a foreign nation, but his KIDS and family did, and just gave it back to him. It’s the Washington way, and it’s WHY they spend so much money to be elected.

They, and their families get rich forever.

Did THEY pay taxes on that foreign money?

The biggest thing that came out of the debate tonight…in my Nobody Opinion is:

Biden is the lying politician he has always been. Trump is like the rest of us, honest to the core and TIRED of being treated like a nobody, when clearly, he’s one of the best Presidents we’ve ever had. And these last few days, we are all pretty sick of the corruption we are seeing coming from everywhere. And the sheer volume of corruption that our politicians get by with, by looking in camera’s and accusing Trump of the VERY crimes THEY have committed.

Truth VS Lies

When Joe looked into the camera and talked about how he FEELS the pain of the average family, he won’t tell you his party CAUSED it all. From NAFTA, to GATES and the WHO and CHINA and Facebook…they have destroyed our country…by selling themselves as pure, and our saviors. All the time getting rich, and selling the U.S. out to the highest bidder.

Biden will destroy the country, and his promises of health care for everyone, $50 dollar an hour jobs for everyone, getting rid of gas cars and replacing them with electric…I don’t think most people really want to go there.

Americans, love their freedom to drive. What Biden is proposing is ridiculous. Are you going to have to drive to Wal-Mart and plug into an electrical outlet…and wait for it to ‘charge’?

I don’t think so.

Have you got the time to WAIT at gas stations for that “charge?” What if the electric goes out?

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

I especially love the remarks Trump gave on Windmills…how they spew more pollution and kill birds. Hey, we NEED the birds.

We don’t need the party that is letting China take us over, to that they can have mansions on every continent.

Now, if you are listing to FOX news…turn it off.

There are only a handful of people that will tell you the truth, and President Trump proved tonight, he is like us.

Honest, and TIRED of crooks and criminals ruling our lives.

Sure, President Trump had bags under his eyes. Any human up against the demons he has had to face would too.

But…have no fear. He WILL destroy them all.

And the American people are going to help him.

Trump Will Get Help…From More than Just the American People

I feel more confident than ever.

I’m ready to vote, how about you?

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