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NEXT: We Tell YOU How Dangerous White Americans Are

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That’s the name of the new sitcom put on by FOX. It’s all about a high-tech guy, like a Steve Jobs, who is trying to stop an AI from taking over the country. Th AI is so intelligent it starts murdering people.

Well, who wouldn’t want to watch that? So we did.

Right away, this “AI” can release a virus that can kill the world. And the main characters, super smart guru’s of the Tech world, join up with the smart and brave FBI to stop it.

Let’s be SURE to polish the image of both at one time, shall we?

Everything is just a normal show, until, they bring in the White and very violent nationalists.

That’s right. A bunch of burly looking men, carrying American flags stand outside the FBI building in this week’s episode demanding to get a man who works for the FBI. They are VERY violent. And one guy goes into the FBI office with bombs around his stomach and blows himself up.

Trust me…this guy would NOT get into an FBI office. But somehow those white nationalists just walked in the front door.

They’re SO clever.

I’m sorry. I drive my husband nuts. One of the main computer guys in this sitcom, used to BE in this white super group of angry white men, wanting to kill and destroy. When they start bringing out the “all whites are racists” and all white men are REALLY the violent threat in our society, it pisses me off.

Funny, isn’t it? We just got finished watching over a million Americans with flags going to Washington D.C. to stand by our President.

Not a single window was broken. Peaceful. NO fights. And yet, ALL the network idiots were SO afraid…that crowd would get violent.

And then, night came, and the Antifa- BLM- flag burning, Trump hating, VERY violent communists came out and started doing their thing. Attacking white American people. Beating them up.

In the episode tonight, they had a white “nationalist” burning a cop car. I doubt if that has happened in the last decade.

So, Nobody Wonders: Does Hollywood and FOX TRULY think that they can pull a 1984 Orwellian fast- card full monty trick on the American people with an exciting television sitcom?

Retrain them to not believe their own eyes? Tell the story that the FBI KNOWS the main threat is Americans with Flags?

 Do they imagine that Americans are so DUMB, that they will be talking to their friends, or watching this program and the next time they see people marching with an American flag that they will think that Trump supporters are violent, just like on the NEXT episode they watched last night?


Before you know it, the AI threat and the virus it created will somehow be blamed on a President who acts just like Trump. A NAZI white President trying to get his people to commit violence.

Or maybe, this is just a cop-out to make people THINK that a machine could ‘invent’ and distribute a virus. Bill Gates and Fauci…did NOTHING.

Message: China didn’t do it!

Hollywood is really good at this very subtle indoctrination. But…there is only so much lying you can do before people KNOW you are lying.

Good thing you can still watch old movies. Cary Grant. A good old-fashion American movie.

Nobody Wonders: Will they EVER stop the propaganda in our news and movies.

Only when we stop watching them.

I haven’t turned on FOX since the election.

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