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Rush Limbaugh: America Will Survive…REALLY?

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I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today, and not quite believing what I was hearing. While he sounded grounded and sensible, he kept pleading that we must take this election fraud seriously because if not, nobody will ever trust their voting rights again.

He wasn’t as concerned about Trump not being reelected; he was concerned about America disappearing. But…but…but, they did such a good job at stealing it, it’s going to be hard to prove that it WAS stolen, he insisted.

(Not exactly what George Washington would have EVER uttered.)

SAY WHAT? If Trump leaves America is still there according to Rush? Just because we can prove the election was stolen, what good is it? What good is it that the deep state conducted an illegal coup against Trump? An illegal impeachment against Trump? And now, they are making lists to come after all Trump supporters? Who EVER gets punished Rush? WHO? WHO?

Rush. You’re tired. It happens after so much chemo.

So, one might ask…the election fraud has been coming out in bucketloads, and it’s already been explained HOW they stole the election. SO WHAT? NOTHING HAPPENS to ANY of these people.

NOTHING Rush. How about Biden caught on video tape bragging about how he used extortion to get his son off the hook in the Ukraine? It’s mentioned then, forgotten. In fact, he’s rewarded with the Presidency. Better than a book deal any old day of the week.

Where’s Barr? Where’s Duran?

Here I lift a few paragraphs from the essay by Pete Ketchum: The Criminal Political Gang of the Deep State:

Criminal Political Gang of the Deep State

“Our national government has literally been taken over by political criminals beginning on January 20, 1993 (when the Clintons entered the White House) to present day. The Clintons brought their corrupt associates and criminal expertise from the Governorship of Arkansas into the national government. This established a hidden controlling criminal gang that continued to grow through the Bush presidency, and accelerated through the Obama presidency.

 These people such as Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Bill & Hillary Clinton and others (not so prominent), should all be criminally prosecuted, and confined to prison upon conviction. Although these people are wealthy, well-educated elites, (most are lawyers), their crimes are just as unlawful and serious as someone who is poor, or has never finished high school.

(Nobody says even more serious if you put in the body count)

We are currently in a bloodless civil war (so far), that if not won by the constitutional conservatives, will reduce this nation down to a socialistic type third world country besieged with anarchy like Venezuela.”

And it’s already begun. It’s Monday, and our new democratic boss of St. Louis County, has ordered a major shutdown. Everyone must stay in their homes. Never mind that most everyone HAS stayed in their homes, the schools are CLOSED, the restaurants and businesses all died. But somehow the virus is going full force RIGHT after the election.

Every single local channel is throwing out that OVERNIGHT the virus has tripled! The hospitals are overloaded! This will get worse, and Biden has predicted that too: It WILL be dark comrades.

I can forgive Rush. He doesn’t want to hurt his buddy George Bush. He even says so. But his dear buddy came out and talked about what a nice guy Joe Biden is and even against the Constitution declared him the winner. Rush, doesn’t have the guts to tell Bush he is wrong.

What kind of Patriot does that make him? Gee, America will be gone but Rush will still have his old buddy George Bush.

Good to know.

America is being stolen. The question seems to be, not even our most trusted political pundits can be counted on to give up their vast fortunes to save us.

They talk a good talk, but in the end, only Trump was the man who fought for us. And if we don’t fight for ourselves, then we don’t deserve him.

Will Rush go the way of Drudge and Peggy Noonan?

We’ll see.

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