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The New World Order is Now the Great Reset

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James Delingpole explains the ‘great reset’ here. Most of us look around and can’t believe what is happening.

I cannot believed that in my lifetime, all the TV stations are acting as if Joe Biden IS the President, while massive voter fraud has been proved, and is getting stronger every day. It’s scary. This was NOT suppose to happen in our country, and yet, the great tyranny by world ‘elites’ is being implemented with great speed.

Today, all of St. Louis county (The surrounding suburbs and cities around the city itself) has been shut down again. ALL the restaurants will close. I’m not kidding about that. Many restaurant owners were on the local radio today, furious to be told, they cannot have anyone in their restaurant. They’ve been trying to stay open at 25 percent capacity since March. And now, they are being told, along with EVERY small business, you MUST shut down. Also, we join CA in less than 10 people allowed to gather.

Oh, but you can STILL go to Wal-Mart.

This will CRUSH the whole area.

NOW… people can jump across the Missouri river (It only takes 5 minutes) and no lockdown. Remnants of the BUSH family live there, so maybe there is some pull, still, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that a ‘virus’ cannot go across a river to the next restaurant.

This isn’t about a virus. It’s about killing all the small business. Destroying whole families. And yet, there is no more money coming to them.

Many will starve. Oh sure, you can go to the local library for your kids, but how about you?

Well, FAST FOOD is open! Which is another way they can kill you.

I’ll keep this post short, because I want people to WATCH the video above. It’s a good 30 minutes.

I plan to watch as many video’s of both these guys as I can.

It’s clear…tyranny is closing in faster than we can imagine.

I never thought I’d see it in America, but it’s here.

How do you stop it?

There’s only one man to follow, and you KNOW who that is.

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