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The Great Global Lockdown

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You are not hearing about the many doctors that are outraged about what is happening with the politicians closing down the whole world, using the virus as an excuse.

This man is outraged, and what a better time to destroy Western Civilizations cherished holidays than Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It’s one thing to release a virus on the world. It’s quite another thing for the rest of the world to USE that virus to take away all freedom and liberty.

Is it me? Or is this becoming a fight between good and evil? While the Lawyers for Trump came out today, all you had to do was turn on your local radio stations or TV to have them make fun of them.

The visions of Lindsey Graham fist bumping Kamala on the floor of the Senate was enough to give me chills.

Obama is already touring the world and wanting the final nail: disarmament.

I didn’t see all of Rudy’s testimony today, but clearly, the evidence is more than overwhelming, it’s on a global scale, abhorrent.

Anyway, like Scarlett O’Hara said, I don’t want to think about this today…I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about it tomorrow.

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