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If They Can Arrest A Mother in a Park With Her Child, They Can Arrest Comey

Nobody Wins

A government of laws and not of men…..John Adams 

FINALLY. Even though the whole world knew that General Flynn was framed, thanks to some patriotic citizens that NEVER let up, like Flynn’s lawyer and Tom Fitton, they have proof that Obama’s whole administration was in on taking out the President, and they started with General Flynn.

And NOBODY will win if James Comey, and all the other ones involved are NOT prosecuted and found guilty of their crimes. There was a illegal coup attempted by Obama, Hillary, and Comey, who used all our institutions to try to destroy an elected President.

We all know.

Also, if they are NOT punished, just repeating, “This should never happen to any President ever again.” is not enough. It should go to the Supreme Court and they all should face prosecution.

Listen to Comey BRAG about how he knew the honest men like Flynn and Trump (He is gleeful they don’t yet know the rules) could easily be caught in a trap with lies and deceit. (By the way, if you try and its says Media won’t play, keep pushing the start button.)

General Flynn AND President Trump were vilified, AS WERE the American people.

We either have a justice system, or we don’t. If we don’t, we might as well be just another communist country.

George Washington would have had these men shot. We don’t do that anymore, and that’s why, it will keep happening.

UNLESS, the American people insist on all these top elites to be punished like anybody would be.

This WAS high treason, and probably why Nancy is hiding near her refrigerator.

All of us should DEMAND…justice. If not, we deserve the horror they are planning for us all, and to which we are all being subject to.


From FBI Emails: 

“I have a question for you,” Page wrote in an email that included Strzok. “Could the admonition re 1001 be given at the beginning at the interview? Or does it have to come following a statement which agents believed to be false? Does this policy speak to that?

She added: “It seems to be if the former then it would be an easy way to just casually slip that in, Of course you know sir federal law makes it a crime to…”

A while later, Page gets an emailed response: “I haven’t read the policy lately, but if I recall correctly, you can say it any time. I’m 90 percent sure about that, but I can check in the a.m.”

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