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Nobody’s Fool: Rep. Dan Crenshaw, From Texas!

Nobody’s Fool

President Trump retweeted one of his treats, but for the life of me, I could not get it off Twitter.

No surprise.

So, here’s the next best thing: You can still get some of his video’s on Youtube.

Rep Dan Crenshaw is becoming the next rising star under President Trump. He was a Navy Seal, so that should tell you something.

And I posted the FACTS VS Myths because I’ve been wearing a mask everywhere. The governor of Missouri said it was our own choice. So, I’m only wearing mine to Wal-Mart. Everywhere else, I’m going back to normal.

Dan is just great. We NEED more like him.  I’m going back to Youtube to watch MORE, after all, most of us are getting sick of the CABLE NEWS…it’s mostly pure propaganda.

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