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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson…AGAIN

Nobody’s Fool

It’s hard to believe that Tucker Carlson is still being allowed on FOX. It MUST be about the money, because he is really hot right now. He is putting together the pieces and this rant tell you the insider tip on Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion dollar bill, just passed in the House.

It’s basically, a communist takeover.

So, congratulations Tucker! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award this year, for being the best commentator on Fox at the moment. We love Hannity, but you go a step further, and this Nobody, listens to every word.

Enjoy, and educate.


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Nobody’s Fool: Danika Bueno

Nobody’s Fool

ONE MORE: I don’t wear a mask anywhere else but Wal-Mart. Mainly because Wal-Mart has more illegals in it than any other store, and I’ve gotten very sick from going there twice. Once this year, and about 4 years ago, where I caught something a lot more debilitating.

This woman, however makes a lot of sense. And sorry Fauci: THIS is science.

Thanks Danika!

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