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Nobody Remembers Ayn Rand

Nobody Remembers

The world economy has crashed, with the release of a bio-weapon from China, funded by our own WHO.

IN order to push in the final plans of a one world government. At least that is this Nobody’s Opinion at the moment.

Day after day, millions, all over the world,  are losing their jobs, and many democratic governors are trying to prolong the suffering, in order to cause a depression, to stop the election of President Trump, who is trying to stop it.

So, let us remember…Atlas Shrugged.

From The Secret War on Cash by Craig R. Smith 

“Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men’s protection and the base of a moral existence. “

“Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper. 

“This kills all objective standards and delivers men into the arbitrary power of an arbitrary sett of values.”—AYN RAND–Atlas Shrugged

The United States is quickly going “cashless,” with consumers buying most things from automobiles to hamburgers via bank loans and credit cards. American carry more than a trillion dollars on “debt cards.” Banks, for the moment, still tolerate relatively small amounts of cash transactions: but they would prefer to move solely to “cashlessness” in which  more and more of what we need is not earned or saved, but borrowed on credit for high interest

Nobody: Right. Think of all the people out of work putting their expenses on credit cards now. Will the banks lower the interest rates? Ha! Or even if all the businesses getting a loan. They STILL have to pay back that loan even if it’s at a lower rate.

Government, above all, has been pushing for the fast-arriving cashless society. Cash and it’s transactions can be hidden and kept private; despite your bank being required to spy on you and report to the IRS an “unusual” financial transaction you make to be taxable, trackable, hackable, blockable , and therefore usable as a tool to enrich and empower Big Brother. 

When a “cashless” government turns authoritarian, it can not only monitor and tax everything you buy, but also ban purchases –ranging from foods it deems unhealthful to guns it deems dangerous.—Craig R. Smith 

Nobody: I got this from a free book promoted on Mark Levine’s program called—WAR ON CASH.

It’s worth getting. Put out by Swiss America. Or, read his book.

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If They Can Arrest A Mother in a Park With Her Child, They Can Arrest Comey

Nobody Wins

A government of laws and not of men…..John Adams 

FINALLY. Even though the whole world knew that General Flynn was framed, thanks to some patriotic citizens that NEVER let up, like Flynn’s lawyer and Tom Fitton, they have proof that Obama’s whole administration was in on taking out the President, and they started with General Flynn.

And NOBODY will win if James Comey, and all the other ones involved are NOT prosecuted and found guilty of their crimes. There was a illegal coup attempted by Obama, Hillary, and Comey, who used all our institutions to try to destroy an elected President.

We all know.

Also, if they are NOT punished, just repeating, “This should never happen to any President ever again.” is not enough. It should go to the Supreme Court and they all should face prosecution.

Listen to Comey BRAG about how he knew the honest men like Flynn and Trump (He is gleeful they don’t yet know the rules) could easily be caught in a trap with lies and deceit. (By the way, if you try and its says Media won’t play, keep pushing the start button.)

General Flynn AND President Trump were vilified, AS WERE the American people.

We either have a justice system, or we don’t. If we don’t, we might as well be just another communist country.

George Washington would have had these men shot. We don’t do that anymore, and that’s why, it will keep happening.

UNLESS, the American people insist on all these top elites to be punished like anybody would be.

This WAS high treason, and probably why Nancy is hiding near her refrigerator.

All of us should DEMAND…justice. If not, we deserve the horror they are planning for us all, and to which we are all being subject to.


From FBI Emails: 

“I have a question for you,” Page wrote in an email that included Strzok. “Could the admonition re 1001 be given at the beginning at the interview? Or does it have to come following a statement which agents believed to be false? Does this policy speak to that?

She added: “It seems to be if the former then it would be an easy way to just casually slip that in, Of course you know sir federal law makes it a crime to…”

A while later, Page gets an emailed response: “I haven’t read the policy lately, but if I recall correctly, you can say it any time. I’m 90 percent sure about that, but I can check in the a.m.”

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Biden’s VP: Michelle or Hillary? Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

Speculation. Hillary Clinton just came out and endorsed sleepy Joe for President, and he was so excited, he almost fell asleep. This is so typical Hillary, listen closely as she touts mostly herself throughout her endorsement, which means she is actually putting up herself by trashing Trump and pushing all HER many accomplishments! So funny, so typical. She wants the job. If she gets VP, Joe would get to sleep at the White House and she would run the world. God help us. He would die a very quiet death.

So, SINCE everyone knows that Joe will lose, the VP will actually be President. Everybody knows it.  But getting him elected is no small feat. So in order to push him into the office somehow, they are doing a full attack barrage of “Do everything we can to make it happen!”

FIRST: Launch a major bio-weapon attack on the world to destroy President Trump’s economy. Make sure millions lose their jobs.

SECOND: Keep telling the people of the world that Sleepy Joe is winning in all the polls…Trump doesn’t have a chance. They did this with Hillary, and thought it worked, but Hillary was too lazy to go the extra mile to win. She was promised after all…to be President. So, THEY thought the polling propaganda worked. This time, it will keep people home. Or so they think.

THIRD: Demand that the virus comes roaring back in the fall, and that only mail-in votes will be counted so that the American people are protected from getting the virus. Thereby giving them that little extra cheating edge they are going to need to win.

Fourth: Pick a colored woman to be his VP. Joe said he will pick a woman, so you have all these women out working to hopefully get picked.

They NEED the black vote. Hillary won’t be helpful there. So that’s why this big promotional video was put out. She will still try to rig it so she gets to be VP.

Yes, Kamela Harris…and Stacy Abrams really want the job. Warren has been promised some other job I’m sure. But Abrams has gone to the Bilderberg meetings, so they are trying her out. Sorry. She looks like a female Kim Jung un to me. Only black.

But the one who wants it the most is Michelle. And it’s not just Michelle who wants it: both the Biden’s have said they’d LOVE Michelle to be VP. They don’t like Hillary.

And for good reasons…Epstein related.

Obama would make a GREAT first lady (being as Joan Rivers said, he already is) to which right after that remark she killed herself on the operating table. And Michelle has been campaigning for that position ever since the Obama’s left the White House. A big amount of money was giving to Netflick and you see the result above.

She looks NOTHING like she did when she was first lady with the straight hair. NO, she’s gone full African Negress. As has Oprah. And you will be able to see them both protect the global citizens of the world on some event, along with X President George W. Bush.

Hillary still wants the job, don’t kid yourself.  But Hillary can not get the black vote. So…Michelle made a documentary just like Hillary did to show what a great mind and wonderful women she is!

And what more proof do we have than this. Listen to this story about the mouse and the lesson is:

You mess with the mouse…you ARE scared of the mouse. Yes, children…threatened every big scary person you meet…because you know how to fake a scare don’t you?

Pretty sad. In order to survive you must tell lies about your power to destroy.

Ashops Fables it’s not.

So, will Rush Limbaugh be right? He predicts that it will be Michelle.

Who will win? Hillary, or Michelle? Or will Biden step down and give the nomination to Cuomo?

Nobody Knows. 

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Nobody Perfect: Except Bill Gates Thinks He Is

Nobody’s Perfect 

Watch Bill in this video above and the tweet below (if Twitter hasn’t taken it off)  and become aware that he is SELLING you his ‘opinions’

From the book: How to Sell Yourself by Arch Lustberg

Use gestures to punctuate what you’re saying and to help the audience visualize what you’re saying. Keep using your hands and your arms to make appropriate and genuine gestures. Don’t succumb to the temptation to hide them. You’ll also discover that by varying the hand you use to gesture, you’ll help yourself vary the gestures.

Okay: Bill is waving his arms around, he looks pretty ridiculous to me. There’s nothing natural about his arm waving.  Now picture President Trump talking. Notice the difference?

What is so very annoying is that Bill is attacking the U.S. here and protecting China, who he says only made some “mistakes”. He is really pushing that the whole world must now forever more, be under complete control, just like in China. The message: China is good. We should all be more like China. Don’t kid yourself. That’s EXACTLY what he is saying, despite his arm waving.

For many years now, I’ve been listening to all the big CEO’s of all the big companies make wonderful remarks about doing business in China, compared to the United States. To them, it’s a perfect system. Cheap labor. It makes me think of the old plantation owners of the South, except these plantation owners just moved to the slaves, instead of shipping them over here.

You don’t have to pay for medical care of your employees. And you only have to get one guy’s permission to set up camp, instead of hundreds like here in the United States.

All good and well, except that destroys people’s “freedom.”

Actually, these morons think just because they are billionaires, they see the whole world as theirs to design. And like the slave owners of old, they figure that they have the right to be at the top, because in their own minds, they think they know what’s right. Bill thinks because he gave us computer software, he now has the right to give us all vaccines!

Read here about how that’s going.

Right now, instead of opening up the country, all we hear on the news is “No! NOT YET! We will tell you what to do children.”

The reality to this nobody is that they’ve been working on a virus to “kill of the old and infirm” flood the western countries with migrants, cause a sort of Tower of Babel effect, and chaos, release that virus and come in to put in their complete control of the world: the world in which a few hundred men at the top control us all. They will take cars off the road, and restrict the movements of millions. Kill them off whenever they are getting too old and annoying. MAKE THEM OBEY.

That’s important. Scare them to death and come in with being their saviors.

Bill Gates might have given us some pretty cool stuff on our computers, but when it comes to running the world, and pushing his vaccines on us in order to control every single thing we do in the name of ‘saving’ us from future virus.

And this is even more worrisome. If Bill Gates’s vaccine is mandated throughout the world, you can be sure that every year you will have to UPDATE your vaccine, just like you have to update all his computer software systems. You will do it, or lose your freedom. Those vaccines might be good for life, but every CEO knows, you can’t make money if the product lasts forever now can you? What Windows system are we on now? Windows 21?

He has already decided the United States will be ‘little China.”

I don’t know what childhood horror made Bill Gates into the megalomanic he has become, but clearly, underneath that sweet high voice and waving arms, is a man of great mental delusions, who is no different than the old slave masters of old. The only difference is: His plantation is a lot bigger.

We need to all get out and enjoy the sun, in our usual fun way. And keep saying NO to Bill Gates.

Now, see what Mark Levine says…


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Clinton, Cuomo, and Newson: Laying the Stage for the “workers”

Nobody’s Opinion

Two things were on my mind today, okay, well, I could write forever about the insanity going on around us, but these two stuck out.

The first one was from an early morning C-Span session I saw where Bill Clinton was on a split screen with both the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, and then the Governor of California, Gavin Newson. It was the Clinton Foundation being broadcast-ed all over the world, so no surprise that those two governors were getting high praise from Billy Boy.

Clinton is getting older, AND hoarser. But, still in his old age, he knows the BS game so well, that he got the points across to the “young” people of the world. I’m sure they all thought they were getting candy. What they did get was what the globalists want them to do.

Clinton was  acting as if Cuomo saved the world, by doing all his wonderful leadership during this crisis, (As if Trump did not exist) and I had to laugh out loud when Bill Clinton declared that both New York and Las Angeles were models for how great they did in handling the virus. Right. No mention of the homeless on the streets, or the fact that Cuomo was sending infected people to nursing homes, or that he over ordered too many ventilators, Getting President Trump to send in that huge hospital to New York, to help him out and he not only used 20 rooms out of 1,000, it was not suppose to be used for virus infected, but OOPS! Shit happens! Who knew? They just took them there! Wow.

No, Cuomo and Newson are using the virus to collect as much money as they can from the Federal Government crying “WHHAAAA…if you don’t SAVE us..people will die! President Trump should bail us out! After all it’s for the police! The Teachers! The firemen!”

And they think that people will keep on buying their bullshit.

What this C-Span event was, was a ‘plan’ for getting the young to come out and vote. Know what this Clinton Foundation wants to do? (Besides pass universal health care for all citizens and illegal’s alike.)? They want to pay a very low wage to young people, give them uniforms, and let them go house to house to collect data on WHO has the virus and WHO doesn’t. If they take this wonderful opportunity, they will get college credit.

Great. Pay millions of young people who can’t get a job to go door to door and collect data.

So, let’s say you are not sick, haven’t been sick, but your test shows positive? You will have to be quarantined.  And IF you go out of your house, what do you thing will happen to you?

Well, you could be fined. After all. Some states are not only arresting people, they are getting downright Nazi Nasty about it.

Two of the largest tech companies in the U.S. are using their technological know-how to track Americans infected with the virus — a technique Chinese officials perfected during the early stages of the virus. Elizabeth, New Jersey, officials are likewise using a Chinese drone company DJI to surveil citizens who might be violating lockdown orders. The U. S. Army banned the company over cyber issues.

Silicon Valley giants Apple and Google are allowing their smartphone operating systems to use Bluetooth technology as a way of tracing people.
The codes, known as QR codes, are assigned to Chinese citizens to designate their health status. It essentially tracks where they are at all times.
New York levels $1,000 on people who do not adhere to social distancing policies.

And they say TRUMP is a dictator.

The other thing was Bill Gates. Who made this guy leader of the world? He has repeated over and over about how PAINFUL this is going to be…nobody will be able to gather anywhere in the future. And then, what does he do? Why…he wants the world to see the new beachfront $43 million beach house he just bought on the coast of Southern California! Like, he wanted to rub it in how RICH he is. I can’t in my own mind figure out why he would want to do that, when millions will lose their jobs, some even their lives. It’s almost….sick.

Having said that…I’d wrap this up with two videos that are BANNED. The first one Glenn Beck Explains about how this whole thing has been planned for years, (which I believe) and the second one is a MUST see.

Two doctors in California explain why keeping everyone away from each other, and in isolation will destroy everybody’s immune systems.

THAT is the science that you won’t hear from Dr. Fauci. I would have posted both these, but they have been banned.

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If People Were More Like Elephants.

Nobody Flashes

I’m a real sucker for birds and elephants. Don’t ask me why. I just am.

This is so sweet, and it reminds me of WHY we’ve heard the Gates talk about Africa, but have you ever heard ANY famous movie star or CEO try to put their money into saving the Africans from slaughtering nature’s greatest gifts?

No, they just blame everything on global warming. And by the way, Windmills kill THOUSANDS of birds all over the world.

Why don’t the liberals care about that?

Such hypocrites.


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Nobody Remembers: Religion in American Founding

Nobody Remembers

A reader sent this to me, and I just wanted to share it. A bit of history is always good for the soul. And of course, anything about the Adams is fun to me. Besides, I didn’t have much time today to write…all ridiculous crap anyway, like President Trump wants to inject everyone with bleach.

Good god, they never stop.

Anyway, I bought a new parakeet today, just a baby, and I was all day making sure that my other 5 parakeets didn’t reject it. It sat alone all day, looking sad, because none of the other birds would go up to it, so I was going to take it back (never returned a pet in my life) but my husband talked me out of it. What a softie. I’ve yet to name it. I mean, I DO have a parakeet named Corona. No kidding. I bought him the day after the eclipse.

You never know about these things: birds can be just as finnicky as people.

Anyway, thanks to Mrs O! For sending me this excellent post! This was really good stuff. I’m going to get some of his books.


Don’t know much about history?

HISTORY | How concerns over corrupt Anglicanism helped spur American colonists to revolt
by Marvin Olasky

Posted 4/04/20, 02:42 pm

I’ve given more than 300 speeches in more than 180 cities over the years, but since I’m turning 70 this year it’s time to retire from speechifying. I developed over time about 10 “stump speeches” on various subjects to be used with modifications in different places, and we plan to post a few of them on the first Saturday of the month as part of our Saturday Series. Here’s one, first delivered at Hillsdale College in 1996, about causes of the Revolutionary War.

“Don’t know much about history” is the first line of a great song about love, but it’s also an accurate description of the state of the nation’s knowledge. Let me quote you some answers to test questions concerning the American Revolution that teachers have collected. Here’s one: “The colonists won the war and no longer had to pay for taxis.” Another: “Delegates from the original 13 states formed the Contented Congress.” And one more: “Benjamin Franklin declared, ‘A horse divided against itself cannot stand.’”

It was Abraham Lincoln, of course, who said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. He made that statement on the eve of the Civil War, but the great war of the 1860s was actually the second civil war in American history. The first civil war was the American Revolution, and three major camps dominated political discussion at that time.

Those favoring big government sided with the British. Those favoring smaller government, lower taxes, and more local control turned against the British. Those who did not care much about questions of big or little but yearned for righteous government did not necessarily side with big or little. They merely wanted officials to act according to Biblical principles. They were the swing vote.

In time, the small government and righteous government folks joined to make a Revolution. I’ll discuss how that happened.

The book most quoted by political writers and leaders prior to the American Revolution was not one of John Locke’s but one of God’s: the book of Deuteronomy.

But what issues drove the colonists to fight against the most powerful government in the world at that time? You might think the answer is simple: Americans fought for liberty. Leaders read John Locke and learned the right way to build a society. But here’s a problem: The book most quoted by political writers and leaders prior to the American Revolution was not one of John Locke’s but one of God’s: the book of Deuteronomy.

Significantly, Deuteronomy, like other books of the Bible, would not have told colonists in the abstract whether British rulers, the representatives of big government, were forces for good or evil. Sure, their own observations concerning the problems of big government backed up Biblical warnings about tax, spend, and enslave monarchs: See 1 Samuel 8. But they also knew that Jesus Himself was born during the reign of Augustus Caesar, certainly an emblem of big government, and Christ did not demand the overthrow of Rome.

What Jesus did say was, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” Although the division was not always clear, the founders understood taxes were Caesar’s, as long as taxes were not used to attack what was God’s. But that’s how colonists in the 1760s feared new taxes would be used. They thought their taxes would go to support not only governmental functions but also a corrupt Anglican denomination, which had abandoned Biblical Trinitarian concepts and become deistic in principle and materialistic in practice.

Concern about Anglican corruption was enormous in those days. Around London, some parsons wore riding boots under their cassocks so they could ride to the chase with their hounds the minute services were over. Congregations in high-back pews repaid pastoral disinterest in kind by eating during the sermon, to avoid taking time from their subsequent pursuits. Britain’s John Brown complained that Anglican priests “despise the Duties of their Parish to wander about, as the various Seasons invite, to every Scene of false Gaiety.”

One foreign visitor commented on “how fat and fair [English] parsons are. They are charged with being somewhat lazy, and their usual plumpness makes it suspected that there’s some truth in it.” One pious lady, Hannah More, complained that among the upper classes, the Bible was “the most unfashionable of books.”

Writers and artists skillfully depicted the decline. Poet William Cowper depicted the typical parson as “loose in morals and in manners vain, in conversation frivolous, in dress Extreme. At once rapacious and profuse … well prepared by ignorance and sloth, by infidelity and love of world, to make God’s work a sinecure.” Artist Joshua Reynolds pointed out that the 18th century London elite often lacked even knowledge of the Bible, let alone belief in it. When he showed leading aristocrats his painting of the prophet Samuel, they asked who Samuel was.

Compulsory tithes went to support a minister who preached required quarterly sermons against fornication and drunkenness while regularly indulging in such activities.

Across the Atlantic, the Virginia House of Burgesses complained that many local parsons were known largely for their ability to throw dice, deal cards, and “gabble in a pulpit, roar in a tavern, exact [money] from their parishes, [and] give themselves to excess in drinking or riot.” Compulsory tithes went to support a minister who preached required quarterly sermons against fornication and drunkenness while regularly indulging in such activities.

Colonists could console themselves with the thought that the worst abuses were across the ocean, and that Americans did not have to put up with Anglican bishops lording it over them. The American part of the denomination was run out of London, and that vital distance limited the destructiveness of Anglicanism in America.

So, all stayed fairly cool—until British officials during the 1760s decided imposition of theological controls over the Colonies would help to keep them under political control. Up to that decade, Anglicanism had been a minor player in New England, but New Hampshire leaders were annoyed in 1761 when London decreed that all schoolteachers emigrating from England to teach in New Hampshire had to be Anglicans certified by the Bishop of London.

Similarly, Massachusetts ministers were furious when they incorporated a missionary society to help in the conversion of Indians to Christianity, only to see London officials disallow the organization because it was not under Anglican control. Connecticut ministers attacked “imperious bishops who love to Lord it over God’s heritage,” and spoke often of the “pomp, grandeur, luxury and regalia” of Anglican worship and lives.

When London in 1768 seemed ready to appoint Anglican bishops who would live in America and amass the pomp and power of their Old World kin, the middle Colonies erupted. New York Presbyterian and political leader William Livingston criticized “the politics of the [Anglican] church … its thirst for domination.” The New York Gazette regularly attacked “ecclesiastical bondage.”

Pennsylvania Presbyterian Francis Allison said Anglicans should be free to worship as they saw fit, but “what we dread is their political power, and their courts.” The Pennsylvania Journal in 1768 ran 21 straight articles on the way that Anglican plans were “totally subversive of our Rights and Liberties.”

Southern colonists were used to Anglican establishment, but when Anglicans whipped some Baptist preachers and jailed others, James Madison condemned the “diabolic, hell-conceived principle of persecution.” Those who would later campaign for religious liberty often did so not out of a desire to restrict Christianity but to set up defenses for it against Anglican-style corruption.

Colonists’ concern about Anglicanism has not been emphasized by 21st-century historians who are accustomed to seeing the economy as the central campaign issue, with religious matters relegated to the closet of private concerns. Yet, the centrality of theology to the development of a revolutionary coalition was evident to John Adams and other contemporaries: Adams said London’s attempt to impose Anglicanism upon the Colonies, “as much as any other cause, arouse[d] the attention, not only of the inquiring mind, but of the common people, and urge[d] them to close thinking on the constitutional authority of Parliament over the colonies. … This was a fact as certain as any in the history of North America.”
Henry, a great speaker, and Adams, a great writer and organizer, tied together the Biblical and tax reasons for opposition to England.

The work of Patrick Henry in the South and Samuel Adams in the North heightened colonists’ concerns. Henry, a great speaker, and Adams, a great writer and organizer, tied together the Biblical and tax reasons for opposition to England. The two men understood how not the quantity of taxes but the lack of quality in what would be paid for—in part, an Anglican establishment—infuriated their fellow citizens. When London in 1768 proposed to appoint an Anglican bishop to live in and attempt to control churches within the Colonies, Henry and Adams were among those who yelled, seven years before Lexington and Concord, “The Bishops are coming, the Bishops are coming.”

Materialist historians looking for class conflict have portrayed Samuel Adams as an organizer of the proletariat, but Adams’ own emphasis was on “Endeavors to Promote the spiritual kingdom of Jesus Christ.” Once, when Adams wrote to a friend about the high points of a celebration, he stressed the sermon delivered that day. The friend wrote back, “An epicure would have said something about the clams, but you turn me to the prophet Isaiah.” In good and bad times Adams wrote of the need “to submit to the Dispensations of Heaven, Whose Ways are ever gracious, ever just.”

Adams always emphasized the connection between attacks on political rights and attempts to restrict religious rights. He repeatedly explained that “the religion and public liberty of a people are so intimately connected, their interests are interwoven, and cannot exist separately.” In 1765, he said the levying of taxes was part of a British plan to force submission to religious slavery: “I could not help fancying that the Stamp-Act itself was contrived with a design only to inure the people to the habit of contemplating themselves as the slaves of men; and the transition from thence to a subjection to Satan, is mighty easy.” Later in the 1760s, Adams continued to use his regular column in the Boston Gazette to explain how the British would use tax revenue to support Anglicanism.

Adams’ understanding of the Stamp Act eventually became standard throughout the Colonies. Materialist historians miss much of this because religious fervor to them is merely a sign of something else, but here’s what excited many colonists: One, the Stamp Act imposed taxes on documents in ecclesiastical courts. Two, the act allowed London to require that all transactions be conducted on officially stamped paper to be sold only by government-selected distributors. And three, Anglicans with influence could choke off dealings by dissenting churches by refusing to supply them with stamped paper. They could even jail dissenting ministers who broke the law.

The Stamp Act, in short, became not merely a tax issue but an ideological onslaught.

Colonists came to understand that if the Stamp Act were sustained, officials soon might have to hold Anglican views and pay tithes to support luxury-loving bishops. The Stamp Act, in short, became not merely a tax issue but an ideological onslaught. Even the St. James Chronicle of London acknowledged that “stamping and episcopizing our colonies were understood to be only different branches of the same plan of power.” John Adams, Samuel’s cousin, argued, “There seems to be a direct and formal design on foot, to enslave America.”

Patrick Henry also spiritually triangulated by connecting religious, political, and economic issues. When Henry became famous, those who did not like his theology complained that he resembled “a Presbyterian clergyman, used to haranguing the people.” Those who did not like his belief in democracy said Henry was “so infatuated that he goes about … praying and preaching amongst the common people.” (The horror!) Those who did not like the way he searched for opportunities to build a coalition between opponents of higher taxes and critics of Anglican corruption portrayed him as an opportunist.

An opportunist he was not. A seeker after opportunities he was. The first fell into his lap in 1763 when Anglican clerical leaders, desiring larger compulsory tithes, went to court to gather in some back tithes that London said they were legally owed.

Henry, arguing in court against the payments, spoke out against Anglican priests who were “rapacious harpies snatch[ing] from the hearth of their honest parishioner his last hoe-cake, from the widow and her orphan children their last milch cow.” He discussed the law not as an economic matter but as a moral concern, stating that although Anglican leaders wore the garb of humility and preached the beauty of charity, in practice they were greedy.

Henry’s dramatic expressiveness pushed along his oratory, but even the words he used before the jury were revolutionary. Henry proclaimed that an oppressive king “from being the father of his people, degenerated into a tyrant, and forfeits all rights to his subjects’ obedience.” The jury, which included both Anglicans and Presbyterians, agreed on a verdict for the local Anglican minister, as required—but established damages of one penny. When news of the verdict spread through Virginia, Henry was acclaimed not only for winning a case but for uniting theological and tax concerns.

During the remainder of the 1760s, Henry’s legal renown and income grew. He used some of that income to pay personally the fines that some Baptist ministers received for speaking out against corrupt Anglicanism—he was building a coalition. Colonists began predicting that if Anglican bishops were appointed to America they soon would demand the lavish incomes common among English bishops.

Presbyterians and other Dissenters also argued that American bishops would gain the political power their counterparts had in England. This meant that the question of Anglican establishment was politically as well as spiritually important. Even the Virginia House of Burgesses went on record as opposing “the pernicious Project of a few mistaken Clergymen, for introducing an American Bishop.”

Adams believed the establishment of Anglicanism would affect even those who did not care about the theological issues.

John Adams was an early Unitarian and by no means part of the religious right of his era. Still, he disliked British promotion of twin tyranny—a powerful state and an established church—and wrote columns in the Boston Gazette explaining, “If Parliament could tax us, they could establish the Church of England, with all its creeds, articles, tests, ceremonies, and tithes, and prohibit all other churches.”

Adams believed the establishment of Anglicanism would affect even those who did not care about the theological issues: “If Parliament can erect dioceses and appoint bishops, they may introduce the whole hierarchy, establish tithes, forbid marriages and funerals, establish religions, forbid dissenters, make schism heresy, impose penalties extending to life and limb as well as to liberty and property.”

They labeled their American opponents “Presbyterians and smugglers.” London tacticians, hoping to discourage the Presbyterian-smuggler alliance, argued that the politics of independent Colonies would be dominated by “deformed Pharisees” and “sanctified hypocrites.” Alexander Martin, North Carolina’s royal governor, explained to London authorities that the onset of revolution reflected “distinctions and animosities … between the people of the established Church and the Presbyterians.” But the London Evening Post recognized the dispute was broader. It reported that the colonists “equally detest the pageantry of a King and the supercilious hypocrisy of a Bishop.”

Parliament’s passage of the Quebec Act enraged many colonists. It made Roman Catholicism the state church in what had been French Canada. To make Catholicism the established religion of a British-controlled province was a slap in the face of New England’s Puritan tradition, but it could also be construed as precedent. The Suffolk Resolutions, which Massachusetts placed before the Continental Congress on September 17, 1774, argued that if the British established a dictatorial church in Canada, they could do the same in their own Colonies: The Quebec Act was “dangerous in an extreme degree to the Protestant religion and to the civil rights and liberties of all America.”

The Quebec Act also shocked colonists from the middle states and the South. The Continental Congress of 1774 emphasized the act in its petitions and declarations. Patrick Henry early in 1775 criticized the act and used Biblical language to decry gentlemen who cried “‘peace, peace’—but there is no peace.” He spoke of potential theological and political enslavement and demanded, “Why stand we here idle? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, almighty God!”

Samuel Adams united small government and righteous government concerns when he spoke in Philadelphia one month after approval of the Declaration of Independence: “We have fled from the political Sodom; let us not look back, lest we perish and become a monument of infamy and derision to the world.”

Well, what now? What is America now? We have great cosmic power, as Aladdin’s genie might say—but morally, a tiny living space. Our 18th-century predecessors fought for liberty and virtue. Today, much of the world admires American liberty but sees us also as a monument to infamy and derision. Is that inevitable? Are the ravages of original sin such that we cannot have both liberty and virtue, because liberty quickly becomes vice-filled license? Or can we find a way to have our virtue and drink in liberty as well?

What emerged from the Revolutionary era was a sense that man cannot live by man alone. Americans had gone to war to keep their world safe from Anglican tyranny, but they knew if they did not worship God, some man-made tyranny would emerge. Americans needed the liberty to worship Him in diverse ways, but that He must be worshipped was clear to almost all—or else, we could not have both liberty and virtue.

Americans knew liberty and virtue could be maintained only through a continuation of Biblical belief or at least allegiance to Biblical principle, through God’s common grace. Repeat: Man cannot live by man alone. This the founders knew.

What do we know? We don’t know much about American history. We don’t know much about world history, either. Students on tests wrote that “Nero was a tyrant who tortured his subjects by playing the fiddle to them.” They wrote that “William Tell shot an arrow through an apple while standing on his son’s head.” They wrote that Sir Francis Drake, with the audacity typical of English sailors four centuries ago, “circumcised the world with a 100-foot clipper.”

These comments may be funny exceptions, but one survey revealed that more than half of high school seniors failed an easy multiple choice test about major events in American history. To pass, they only had to get 42 percent right! It’s no wonder that many citizens cannot discern the emptiness of proposed governmental panaceas—they don’t know that similar programs have been tried and have failed.

Historical illiteracy is a symptom of deeper problems. After all, why study history if it, like life itself, is merely a tale of sound and fury, signifying nothing? If our existence has no God-given purpose, why not major in meaninglessness?

America is a very religious country, as was Athens when the apostle Paul visited there almost 2,000 years ago. We worship hundreds of idols: New Age gods and goddesses, materialism, drugs, pornography, citations in academic journals, you name it. We have shrines devoted to feasting and fornicating.

In an age of relativism, I’d suggest that those of us who believe in Christ, the Lord of history, need to keep stressing the basics: If we are not here to live by the Bible, we might as well worship false gods by eating, drinking, and trying to be merry (although only a fool is merry in such circumstances).

We need to keep insisting that we have only two choices, as Moses told the Israelites: Choose life and good, or death and evil. Not knowing much about history matters, but not knowing much about God matters even more.

Marvin Olasky
Marvin is editor in chief of WORLD and the author of more than 20 books, including The Tragedy of American Compassion. His latest book is Reforming Journalism. Follow Marvin on Twitter @MarvinOlasky.

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Abigail Takes On the Kingdom of the Mouse

Nobody Wins

While I creep around the internet in the morning, I came upon a piece that I think is worth posting it all. BUT….this morning on Breitbart, a piece was posted about Abigail Disney’s tweets, one of which I’ve posted here.

Disney is a part of all of our lives. Walt was a TRUE American success story, I mean come on. He made a worldwide product out of a simple cartoon mouse. That is TRUE genius.

Who hasn’t been to Disneyland or Disney World? Not many.

After Walt himself died, the park took on more of a Six-Flags theme. More roller coasters, less ‘imagination.’ Even the characters were not cuddly anymore. The ‘magic’ was lost. Oh sure, it’s still a fun place I imagine, but now, when families used to go once a year, now, it’s more like once in a lifetime. And now their movies all have more of an appeal to China than the U.S.

You might think that Abigail sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders, but I bet to differ. Sure, she probably is a liberal BUT…the reason socialism is gaining ground is truly because the rich, and that includes our politicians, have become globalists, and can now make as much money as they want. Americans have never been really jealous of those who run the companies, but somewhere in Never, never, land, the gap between the rich and the poor became almost …basically raping the people who serve their companies. Once upon a time, the gap wasn’t so large.

The republican’s should bring up this horrible discrepancy, but they don’t, because those billionaires keep THEM in office.

So, go here, and read the rest of her tweets.

I certainly thought she made some good points.



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Stay Home! So Nurses and Doctors Can DANCE!

Nobody Cares…

While a small section of New York may be swamped, the REST of the hospitals in the country are lying off their staff.

And yet, they just got a buttload of money.

Don’t miss the ‘big booty’.

If you got paid for NOT working, you’d be dancing too!

Want to see more? Go here.

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Sherlock Solves the Mystery: Who Killed Democracy?

Nobody Knows

Who done it? That’s the basis of every murder mystery novel ever written. From Agatha Christie to Nagio Marsh, you don’t find out until the end…but you always find out. Too bad real life isn’t like that. No matter how many detective shows, and cop shows we watch on TV, where the criminal is always caught, in real life, when it comes to politics, the game is: Sorry. You’re not allowed a happy ending.

But what if we could resurrect Sherlock Holmes to solve our mystery?

He’d start with clues. So— what do we know so far about who destroyed our economy? Was it China? Was it Bill Gates? Was it Hillary Clinton? Was it…all three?

Can we solve this mystery? Or, more to the question, are we allowed to solve this question?

Let’s be like Sherlock: Start with the clues:

CLUE NUMBER ONE: It’s pretty much verified that the virus came from a Chinese biological lab in Wuhan. A lab that the

U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab at centre of coronavirus leak scrutiny that was performing experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated.

The WHO (World Health Organization) of which the U.S. gives $500 million every year to, and China gives $40 million to, told the world that the Wuhan virus was not one to worry about. It did not go from human to human. We now know they were covering up for the Chinese. Right away, President Trump put that money on hold.

Because every country in the world was going by the information from the WHO, who is PAID big bucks to protect everyone, the whole world was infected. The few Chinese professionals who tried to get the news out to the world, well, they died.

CLUE NUMBER TWO: The Chinese closed down Wuhan and all its borders, which is why it did not spread outside Wuhan. What they DID do was let those people travel all over the world, after they KNEW the virus had been released. To help them spread that virus was none other than our own Nancy Pelosi who ran to Chinatown’s celebrations and told everyone to COME ON DOWN! Bill De Blasio, mayor of New York, did the very same thing.

Did they know? Sure, they did. They had gotten the message in January. We can therefore assume it was planned to spread it. And Nancy and Bill helped out. Remember, both George Bush, Bill Gates and Fauci said there WOULD be a virus, and that was years ago.

President Trump, after he stopped the planes coming in from China, was ostracized by every single democrat. He was called his usual racist names. Joe Biden leading the way. When President Trump starting saying that Hydroxychloroquine was a cure, every single democrat and health official tried to stop anyone from using it.

I’ll go further. If we can verify that China protected its own citizens from this virus, while sending those likely infected all around the world like human bioweapons … that’s an act of war.

And a much more infamous one than Pearl Harbour, in fact. At least that sneak attack targeted soldiers, not old people in nursing homes.

CLUE NUMBER THREE: Bill Gates, has the patent on this virus. He also is working on the vaccine. According to Robert Kennedy Jr., Bill Gates has been killing people all over the world with vaccines. The Gates Foundation AND the Clinton Foundation are big supporters of the WHO, and they all have people working IN this lab in China. Why else were they there?

CLUE NUMBER FOUR: Who benefits from this horror? Why, the ‘progressives’ which is just the American word for communists. China is now making money off selling masks, and other supplies: which was a typical action right out of the Alinsky playbook: Cause the problem, come in with the solution. Every democrat will attack ANYONE who says that the virus came from China. Instead, they blame President Trump for the deaths.

CLUE NUMBER FIVE: The only thing standing in the way of the globalists government is President Trump, who built America into the strongest economy it’s ever had in just three years. By releasing the virus, all his work has been destroyed. All their dreams of a global world, will come to past: they hope. And they continue to try to destroy the economy with their endless propaganda and false reports on actual health data, which has proven to be wrong. Millions of the small jobs left in America, will be destroyed forever. And Nancy is SO happy.

Future viruses will be released, they are already reporting this for fall. This will kill off as many ‘undesirables’ as they can manage. Which brings me to the last very important clue.

CLUE NUMBER SIX: This virus was made in a lab, according to the world’s top virologist who would know.
So, now that we see the obvious, the people VS the communist elites, let’s add one more thing:

CLUE NUMBER SEVEN: The protests in Hong Kong just HAD to be stopped. Hong Kong being the money engine of China. Trump had to be stopped. China is meant to be the New World Order of global government. Hong Kong was not about to give up their freedom, and China couldn’t come out and kill them all, this was a perfect way to stop the protests.

What would Sherlock say, after seeing all these clues?

The world has been attacked: Viciously, and there’s more to come, and it’s not just China, it’s our own American elites that have joined their forces and who THINK they will become masters of the universe. Guess what Bill Gates? Better get in your bunker now.

What has China said about this?

“The COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] spread in the U.S. is almost like that of a primitive society. It should not have been like this if the U.S. had the slightest science and organization,” the propaganda outlet asserted. “To put it bluntly, the U.S. is no match for China in terms of anti-epidemic organization and mobilization. The U.S. political system has been hit by the pandemic on its weak side and we were willing to show understanding for that. After all, every system has its weaknesses.”

What is fact, is that Beijing is using the virus to position itself as the savior of much of the world, sending medical equipment and doctors, building political indebtedness and loudly claiming that authoritarianism is doing a better job of beating the virus than the US and many democracies.

So, what would Sherlock’s conclusion be?

“It’s elementary my dear Watson. The virus plan has been in the making for many years, just waiting for the perfect moment to release it and take control in order to “fundamentally” take over the world.

Of course, they had a little help from their friends. The PROGRESSIVES of the Western World.

Will the killers be brought to justice

Only in the movies.


Why Did China Stop Travel From Wuhan to the Rest of China, but Not to the Rest of the World?


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Nobody’s Fool: Rep. Dan Crenshaw, From Texas!

Nobody’s Fool

President Trump retweeted one of his treats, but for the life of me, I could not get it off Twitter.

No surprise.

So, here’s the next best thing: You can still get some of his video’s on Youtube.

Rep Dan Crenshaw is becoming the next rising star under President Trump. He was a Navy Seal, so that should tell you something.

And I posted the FACTS VS Myths because I’ve been wearing a mask everywhere. The governor of Missouri said it was our own choice. So, I’m only wearing mine to Wal-Mart. Everywhere else, I’m going back to normal.

Dan is just great. We NEED more like him.  I’m going back to Youtube to watch MORE, after all, most of us are getting sick of the CABLE NEWS…it’s mostly pure propaganda.

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Castigating Cher and Bloviating Bette: Go Eat Some Ice Cream

Nobody’s Opinion

I guess washed-up has been singers who can’t compete with the younger booty-babes, need something to do to get attention, and here are two examples of what having too much botox can do to your mind—

Both Bette and Cher think President Trump is killing everyone. No mention here that Bill Gates, who funds the WHO gave millions to the Wuhan lab where this virus was released, should be the bunt of their anger.

Nobody Wonders…are Hollywood aging actors and attresses getting “PAID” to make such nasty remarks about the President? After all, it was just announced that the Obama’s paid Netflick BIG money so that they could produce a communist children’s show. (Or rather some global company paid it for them.) Did Tom Hanks wife really have to complain about Hydroxychloroquine, a drug which is curing hundreds of people?

Whose really killing people here?

Cher doesn’t have to worry about her next meal. Nor does Bette.

Either they are that STUPID, or they are getting very lucrative deals by mouthing off all the time.

Nobody Thinks: It’s got to be hell trying to get attention in Hollywood when you are no longer on the Hit Parade list of somebodies.

When the country comes out this summer, and the virus disappears, no doubt they will be having an ice cream pity party with Nancy.

I never thought I’d miss Sonny, but after reading all Cher’s comments you have to wonder…did she PUSH him into that tree?

Remember, he was a republican.


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Let’s Compare Size

Nobody Flashes

You don’t have to be a kid out of school with nothing to do to enjoy this.

But it does make me wonder what size a virus is in this video.

AND do they exist all throughout the universe too?

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Nobody Flashes George Carlin’s Opinion on Corona

Nobody’ Flashes

Here’s some good old fashion common sense…

Compare George Carlin to the current bunch of “Late night hosts.”

Watch and laugh. We all need to laugh.

I was out today. The roads were FULL of cars.

Everyone was ‘careful’ but so happy to be out.


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