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What HAPPENS When a Vicious Animal is Cornered? He Strikes. Snakes Do that…

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So, Obama’s race war comes alive. He sees the writing on the wall…The cobra attacks. The virus was going to go away, and it’s out now that they have PROOF that Obama was behind the coup against Trump. I would go further to say that CIA director Brennon was right up there planning all these race events while Obama was in office. I would even go further and say he’s been working behind the scenes with all his ‘generals’ to start up his race war again.Image result for snake attack

The CIA has lead many a revolution in other countries, why not here? Plant the right seeds, make sure to put gas on the fire with the controlled media, and nobody is talking about Obama. He finally came out and of course, basically put the blame on the white racists.

On the front page of USA today was the picture of hundreds who died from the virus. China is not blamed. President Trump is blamed.

And while white Americans are being threatened, it’s clear this is the Obama/Hillary/Soros/ radical left last push to takeover America. They HAVE to destroy it. And they are joining with China to do it.

No doubt they have military generals helping them out with the plans.

But, I’m not losing hope. I was out today, and I saw black men wearing American flags on their tee-shirts. And all of them were being very nice to the white people. I’m not sure this race violence is not going to get an awful lot of them voting for Trump. I saw one old man selling hot dogs on the side of the road with an American flag on his car.

The older ones, know what’s happening. The younger ones, of course, are just ignorant. If they can keep the voter roles legit, the radicals will lose.

Many of them will be hurt with this violence…like this man: He was a firefighter and spent his whole life’s work into his bar.

And I have to ask myself: How many more of them are out there?

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