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Higgs Boson? Sounds Like a Porn Star

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The big question everybody had when the scientists decided that everything came from a “big bang” and then we all thought, “Oh, right, what was BEFORE the big bang which created something out of nothing?”

Now there is: The GOD Particle. MIchio seems pretty excited about it.

But, if the big bang was just another bubble floating around, and there may be many of these bubbles floating around, we still have the same question don’t we?

Who made the big bubbles of time? Or even parallel universes?

I wish my other self in that parallel universe that they say exist underneath Alaska would contact me and explain it.

Most of all, I get a kick out of people like Michio just getting excited about ideas.

I miss that, don’t you?

Don’t you wish that Bill Gates or Fauci would just for once say, “Hey, think of it…this may lead to cures to ALL viruses!”

No, they say, “The world will never be the same and never recover. Go BACK into your hole!”

We need more Michio’s and less Faucios


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