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“Get Rid of all the Whites” Honored Doctor Says

Nobody Cares

This lady just suggested that all the  whites be killed. And then CLAIMS that SHE is not white. She is mad because ‘white’ people won’t get vaccines. But the immigrants gladly will, which makes them superior in her eyes.

And shouldn’t she be arrested for this suggestion? No. Nobody Cares.

I’ve been saying: The whites are the new Jews. The Jews have learned their lesson from history and gladly go along with Tyrants now.

But the patriotic white people, should just be killed. Carol Baker is beyond redemption for even saying this.

This lady is loved by Bill Gates. I suggest we start with him first if what she says is true. Bill Gates wants to make vaccines mandatory.

There ARE many who will refuse it. Me included. I’ve never had any flu vaccines. I became suspicious when they were giving them away on every corner for free. No government ‘pushes’ vaccines on you every other day without some kind of purpose behind it.

The shots don’t work. Virus mutate. It’s ridiculous to assume a COVID-19 vaccine will be different from all the OTHER vaccines that don’t work.

Besides, Bill Gates wants everybody on the planet to get one, and it will be used to control everyone. He’s actually gone off his rocker.

And THATS why, we need President Trump to be reelected.

Who else is going to protect us from this madness?

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