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Bruce Springsteen Would NOT be Welcomed in My Home Town

Nobody Flashes.

Wow. The “Born in the U.S.A.” bozo is once again trying to revive and make a lot of money of —what most Americans feel he thinks of them today, us “Suckers”, because HE thinks we are so stupid that we will buy his sincerity act that he gives a DAMN about any of us. Who thought up this commerical…Obama?

He cares about us for one reason: keeping his face important so he can keep collecting the money.

They had to take this commercial off the air, because he got a DWI, which, by the way, he got out of…because he’s rich, he’s liberal, and if you believe ANYTHING he says, then maybe you should buy his latest album.

I never owned his first one. He had a few good hits, but that was it. He lived off those early hits all his life.

Standing next to the church and all the visions of middle America in this commercial would be fine, if it was Trump doing this. But it’s not. It’s the VERY hypocritical and over-the-hill guy who supports Obama and is now doing soppy broadcasts with ‘the great one.” You know, trying to get those people who are stuck on their guns and religion to accept Obama’s third term.

Sorry Bruce. Putting yourself in middle America and pretending you are a cowboy, uh…well…I don’t believe it. We had four years of George W. Bush pulling off that act. We don’t buy it anymore.

You support the very President who hates America, and said some pretty nasty things about the very President who DOES love America… so pardon us if we don’t all come to the middle, just because you said so.

BORN in the U.S.A, made Bruce a millionaire, as did his other famous hit, “My Hometown” where he laments the coal mines being shut down and his ‘hometown’ dying, somehow, Good old rock-n-roller Bruce Springteen never put two and two together because it was the party of democrats and progressives that he now comes out and supports whenever possible, that shut down those hometowns all over America.

But then, you knew that Bruce, right?

Much like FOX, he knows that the money really lies in the America people who love their country, because THEY ARE THE MAJORITY STILL.

Which is: It’s OUR way or else. Putting Springsteen on a lonely highway in the middle of America is suppose to bring you back into the fold. The elites TRULY think they can sell you anything…even love for your own demise.

Must be nice to get a DWI, and have it excused. If you or I got a DWI, we’d pay big fines, and have our license taken away.

So, Mr. “Born in the U.S.A” can sing all he wants. Just not on my home town. It’s filled with Obama lovers, and your music is not welcomed here.

But,, we do have a lot of Jeeps.

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