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Uh…Cyber Attack or just Biden’s election?

My husband called me today from work this morning, and said that Bank of America’s whole system was shut down. It was costing everyone millions of dollars in loss. Nobody could use their debit cards, credit cards, and most of the fast food places, had signs up saying “Pay in cash.” Here in St. Louis, this went on all day. Evidently, it was national.

Nobody Reports.

All through the day I searched for the cause, as it was National. But…NOBODY was reporting it. None of the internet sites were saying a word.

Was this a cyber attack? Nobody Wonders.

I don’t know about you, but I find this VERY disturbing. They have put us all on NOT using cash, and making us a cashless society, and then, you can’t get to your cash. That’s bad enough, but to have nothing on the news about it?

More than disturbing.

Evidently, you could go to the local BOA bank and GET cash, but this is just another example of how well the media is covering up everything they can.

Nobody Wants to know, what happened? Will we ever know?

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