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Nobody Wonders About Steve Bannon

Nobody Wonders

I can’t help it, I wonder constantly about not only where they come up with some of the headlines on the internet, but which ones are lies, or not?

For instance:

Nobody Wonders: Bannon Believed Trump was suffering from early-stage dementia: Book

In this article, it seems Rosen, of 60 minutes, said that Bannon told HIM that Trump was mental, and they should take him out with the 25th amendment.


“I think, in Steve’s mind, if I had to do the analysis of it, he would have been very happy to see Trump disappear from the scenes either through the 25th Amendment, resigning or whatever, and then he would step in and fill and fill that gulf and carry the mantle of the Trump followers. But he was delusional about it,” Rosen said.


Right. Steve Bannon head of MAGA? Uh…he looks like an old hippie who got too stoned on the freeway to a Stones concert. Sorry. He may be brilliant, but you need more than that to lead a country.

Being as I watch the War Room, usually every day, I think Rosen might have been right about Steve’s ambition. Clearly, Steve has taken up the “MAGA” banner and it really does seem to the viewers that he is taking up the movement and wants to be the leader. Nevertheless. Why come out with this now? Why didn’t they come out with it then?

Will Bannon refute this? He will lose a lot of viewers if he doesn’t. And besides, to say that Trump had dementia was pretty far-fetched. Clearly, America watched him talk for two hours at a time, entertaining huge crowds, right before the election, something that not even Bannon could do now, so, Nobody Wonders if this isn’t just another way to make SURE Trump does not come back into office.

Nobody Wonders: Headline: Steve Bannon Wants Trump to Run for Congress in 2022 and replace Pelosi as the Speaker.

This was pretty confusing:


Speaking to a group of Boston Republicans on Saturday, Bannon laid out a longshot plan for Trump to return to Washington, D.C.—but not directly to the White House, The Boston Herald reported. Instead, Bannon wants Trump to run for a seat in the House of Representatives in 2022 and then manage to take the role of Speaker of the House away from Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi of California.


Okay. WHAT? I was listening just today to Bannon on Voice of America and some caller suggested this very thing, to which Bannon said, no…he couldn’t see Trump doing that. Even if JQA did it, it was just not Trump’s style

So, which is right? Did he say it? Did he not?

After the first paragraph then the writer quoted this:


“Trump is a disruptor, but he has a long-term vision because I absolutely believe in the marrow of my bones that he will be our nominee in 2024,” Bannon told the GOP group in a speech. “He’ll come back to us. We’ll have a sweeping victory in 2022, and he’ll lead us in 2024.”


Okay, which is up? Who is putting out this stuff? I need to eat a cookie and think about this. I might as well ask my dog.

When Fox screwed up on election night, many of the Trump supporters went to Newsmax. Then recently, NEWSMAX went ballistic on the Pillow Man, when he talked about the election steal. The reporter got up and walked away. So— we went to Bannon, and the WAR ROOM.

So that’s leaves us with OAN and THE VOICE. But, then you go online and the headlines are ALL different.

Who can you really trust in the news anymore?

Nobody Wonders…but I do NOT trust anything I read. As with the famous words of Donald J. Trump:

I trust my gut. (Which might be leaky and I’m do to die soon, according to the internet.)

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