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It’s All Who You Know…Rule by One Vote

The Democrats can’t win by elections, so they cheat. We all know that now: Run old Joe, and then fill in all the old globalists power people who have held great positions for decades. Biden is filling them as fast as he can say “You know, that thing!”

Nobody Knows

These traitors have prepared their road to power and worked each and every day to get rid of Trump and America…and it’s ALWAYS done illegally.

Sydney Powell has been a Patriotic woman leading the charge…she’s been brilliant, but no matter. Even though the evidence of massive fraud is everywhere, it doesn’t matter…because the cards are already stacked in just the right places: If one judge (as we saw Roberts do in Obamacare) wants to ignore evidence, you can show Joe Biden actually telling China the U.S. is all hers, on video, and a judge will rule it…no big deal.

If that judge is corrupt. Tell me…what kind of future does that leave for us?

For instance the judge that put herself into the position of hearing Sydney’s case is this lady:

Pamela Pepper

From American Intelligence CAT people:

270% of the total population voted in one Wisconsin County

Sydney Powell filed Wisconsin Election Fraud Complaint on Dec. 1, 2020

Feehan et al v. Wisconsin Elections Commission et al, COMPLAINT with EXHIBITS 1 to 28, filed Dec. 01, 2020, Case No. 2:20-cv-01771-PP (Judge Pamela Pepper), 396 pgs. (E.D. Wis. 2020). (32 MB). Fully searchable, including Exhibits.

Wisconsin Chief Judge Pamela Pepper assigned herself to hear the Sidney Powell election fraud case! (Chief judges assign the dockets in the court they manage)

Judge Pepper has massive relationship conflicts with organizations currently censoring news of the election fraud against President Trump, including:

Time, Facebook, CNN, NYT, Washington Post, Snapchat, Instagram, Sheryl Sandberg, and organizations and people directly associated with Dominion/Smartmatic, like Lord Mark Malloch-Brown (see below), and many more:

Judge Pepper is a current advisor to C.A.R.E. whose directors are loaded with Trump haters, including USAID, Morgan Stanley, Merrill-Lynch, Marsh McLennan, Gibson Dunn (Facebook), Woodrow Wilson Int’l Center, Yale-China Assoc., Walmart, Honeywell, DLA Piper (Kamala Harris’ husband’s firm—Doug Emhoff), CNN, Obama National Security Council members, C.I.A. External Advisory Board, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Aspen Institute, Oxford, Harvard, Morgan Stanley, Skadden Arps (J.P. Morgan – Hillary Clinton’s go-to firm), Brookings Institution (Larry Summers, Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook), Wall Street Journal, NYT, Washington Post, Financial Times, Fortune, Foreign Affairs (CFR), New Republic, McKinsey & CompanyHarvard Business ReviewVanity Fair, London Times, PwC (large Clinton Foundation donor), Motorola, World Bank, DTI Telecom (Canada), Instagram (Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg), (Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg), Lehman Bros., London School of Economics (communism), McCain Institute, Georgetown, Columbia, Deloitte & Touche, Kellogg Foundation, General Mills, Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationUNDP (Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, former Chairman (see below—Pilgrims Society), Federal Reserve of Chicago, Booz Allen (C.I.A.), Snapchat, Time Magazine, Oxford Rhodes Scholar (Pilgrims Society), etc.

We can all guess what Pamala will do. She SAID she would recues herself, but fat chance.

Today we saw proof, on VIDEO, of fraud in Georgia. They let all the vote counters go home, and 5 people locked the doors, dragged out boxes from underneath desks and just started pushing them into the machines.

Nobody Knows who GOT that tape and managed to get it out to the right people, but I bet that person is scared right now. But this nobody would LOVE to give him or her a big, fat, kiss.

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