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How Many Are Drinking the Kool Aid?

Nobody Knows

The left is saying that capitalism doesn’t work anymore. Most of the people professing this are the young, without children, and out of hope for their futures. They blame Trump. They blame republicans, and white people, forgetting that they are actually punishing themselves because most of them are…white.

No, capitalism doesn’t work anymore they are being told: The free market doesn’t work anymore…unless you can buy votes with it. Then, it’s a GOOD thing. Well, buying votes is just SO American, isn’t it?

It doesn’t happen in China! China doesn’t need voting!

Like cheating, it’s been going on since the beginning of time, they are telling the ignorant. And so it has. But it’s okay ONLY when the progressives do it and it’s the excuse they give for the massive fraud we see in video’s right in front of their eyes.

Funny, logic is not common anymore.

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