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Nobody Knows: They Want to BREAK Us

Gee, here it is: the first day of January. 2021. The glaziers are actually growing in size. Last night Obama was on Jimmy Fallon’s EXACLY at midnight, to sound sweet and demure and not understanding why Trump won’t leave the White House quietly. Between Obama and some big-butt black women shaking their butts all over my big screen, I turned it off.

Obama’s America. Gays, lewd sex, where all whites are racists, Trump is Hitler, etc, etc. and China! China is wonderful.

Obama is grabbing his power back. I guess Georgie Jr. is happy to cut brush on his ranch. (Sorry, George, Reagan you’re not.)

It was sleeting here last night so the usual neighborhood cannon fireworks lasted only a few minutes…everybody was inside, and the sight at Times Square was. Pathetic. News Years Eve was brought in and hosted by Transvestites’ on every channel.


In the meantime, in Wuhan, it was Party Time! It was almost to say, “WE DEFEATED THE AMERICANS!”

Today, I was listening to a replay of Rush in what might have been his last days on the radio, and he was trying his best to defend his position. Which is…all about preserving the Republican Party, not Trump. He has a very thin line to walk…he supported Trump with great gusto, but…since Mitch McConnell and Mike Pense are bailing, Rush is trying to save…in HIS mind, the country. Where Rush has it wrong is that the republican party is no longer respected. Period. Their leaders, Graham, McDonell, have conceded already to Joe Biden.

And if you think your boy Ted Cruz is going to bring us all back, you might want to…think again.

Rush, like Dinese, was strong on why we must DEMAND Voter I.D. Right. Once the democrats control the White House and the Senate than that will NEVER happen. Besides, Trump won the most votes in American history and the rich elites just rigged the election.

The proof is overwhelming.

Looking at it from Rush’s point of view he probably thinks the Republicans can come back strong with Ted Cruz running in 2024. But what’s the point of elections? If they even get voter ID they can just hack the machines.

It’s all pointless. Sorry Rush. You came to the rescue too late in the game. The globalists now see you as a fossil of the past. They really hope, you will be dead soon and they will finally be rid of you.

They were HOPING that the virus would get the President. Somewhere in some war room, you can be sure they plot every single day on this.

Does anybody in our country TRULY believe that Congress will pass a Voter I.D. even if they get RID of Trump?

(Laugh here.)

The fact is: If enough brave men in Congress do NOT stand behind Trump’s win, then never again in the history of the United States will our votes be counted. And the country WILL go down. The destruction has already been too widespread.

Joe Biden said a great darkness was soon to engulf us all, and you know what? I believe him. Remember, he admitted that the election was rigged. The very fact that everybody dismissed this and treated it as a joke, shows you just how $*%& we all are.

Every single player in Washington knows what went down. And until the moment that President Trump actually leaves the White House, Covid will be used to punish everyone beyond our limits. They will keep us in fear with the great virus that will never die, and we will all have to take the vaccines, and do as we are told.

They mean, to break us.

NOW is the time for great leaders to come out of the woods, and step up to the plate.

Let’s just hope it’s not too late.

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