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Trump’s Game…Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wonders

Confession: I never learned to play chess. I tried it once, but usually ended up curling up with a good book instead. Games of most any kind, never interested me, and chess took time, study, patience and hours of practice, that I knew. When video games came out, I was quite good at pong, and all the other Atari games. But…it was always a date killer when the guy I was out with, could never win. Forget the goodnight kiss, I was lucky to get a ride home.

 I was also good at Trivia, but it always pissed off everyone I played with. Nevertheless, I was terrible as sitcom questions like “Who killed J.R.?” Everybody knows that. I never watched Dallas, ever.

To escape from life, I read. It’s an addiction, truly.

I have written a few blogs about Monopoly. And how I always lost, UNTILL I realized I was playing without the “killer” instinct that everybody else was playing with. Loser problem solved.

And so that brings me to my ‘wondering’ today. Trump IS the ultimate winner. I bet nobody in Trump’s family could beat him at Monopoly. He ran against the most corrupt dynasties in the world, the Clintons and the Bushes, and all the others, and came out, the winner. Park Avenue was his. No contest.

Don’t even play.

He pissed a LOT of people off. LOTS of big egos in the world.

For four years, despite the great odds and attacks and the volumes of sheer insidious, viciousness from those who hated him, Trump STILL did more than the last four Presidents combined. (And set historical record after record)

Anybody with a brain knows he won his second term. The voting frauds are overwhelming.

It had to be to beat him. I wouldn’t doubt if even California went for him.

Trump brought us back from the brink of the ‘progressive’ agenda. Hillary would have destroyed us all.

The things he managed to do in his first term was nothing short of astounding. That’s why, the media kept it all quiet.

So— Nobody Wonders HOW he could have picked so many losers to put in control of so many important departments?

The list of losers that President Trump picked to fill important seats with is astounding. The list of those that he helped and who turned around and stabbed him in the back, is almost like a trip to Dante’s hell.

Nobody Wonders: WHY did he pick Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general? RIGHT after he was sworn in, he turned around and excused himself from going after the spying being done. So, why didn’t he FIRE him? Why keep him around for so long?

Nobody Wonders: After Mitt Romney was such an ass to him whenever he opened his mouth, why did he help get the man elected?

Nobody Wonders: And Comey. If Trump knew that Obama and Comey were spying on him, why didn’t he fire Comey sooner?

Nobody Wonders: And since even a common 5-year-old can see that Comey’s replacement, Christopher Wray is JUST as corrupt as Comey. Why not fire him?

Nobody Wonders: Gina Haspel, is one of the co-conspirators of the election fraud. Did he NOT have her checked out before he hired her? It’s like she’s just another Brennen.

Nobody Wonders: WHY doesn’t he fire Barr? Barr is useless. What’s he doing? What’s he done?

Nothing. He’s out protecting Tigers from redneck citizens.

Okay, I could go on, so here’s my opinion:

President Trump would NOT make such big mistakes. Come on. Really?

It could be, that this is his way of exposing just how deep and corrupt the global criminal network is. He has known about it for years, but the American people have not, because we have been controlled with endless propaganda.

President Trump is exposing them all.

Nobody now wonders, what’s Trump’s next chess move?

And you know what? I bet Biden, Bush, Hillary, Obama, have all decided that they have won the game.

I guess it depends on what game Trump is playing: Chess, Monopoly, or poker.

The question is: Why be President and make such bad decisions about the people you put to run your country?

Unless you play to win.

The global elite think they have him ‘trumped.’

I’ve read 8 of his books: One thing is for sure: President Trump will NOT go off the board, without a victory.

It’s just not in his DNA.

Unless of course, he doesn’t know who killed J.R. either.

Then we really ARE in trouble.

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  1. Thanks, I go catch it now…


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 26, 2020 | Reply

  2. I don’t know if you read the pro Trump site Gateway Pundit but they cover a lot of what you’re wondering about.
    Here’s a link


    Comment by Yesido | November 25, 2020 | Reply

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