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Matthew McConaughey: Schwarzenegger’ Volume 2

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Well, the democrats are damn mad about losing Texas, and they are not giving up, so they are bringing out the old tried and true game of “Get someone with a good old boy Texas attitude and all the patriots will vote for him!” to head up the state.

George W. Bush used that “Aw, shucks, I’m just a good old boy from Texas” charade when he ran against Bill Clinton, and it worked.

No, he was a frat boy from Harvard and the East Coast where Globalists are grown, and George is still screwing America.

Matthew McConaughey is everywhere on every radio station in these last few weeks, promoting his new book and letting everyone know that HE is literal and conservative and someone you could have a drink with!

They are pushing for him to be governor of Texas. Personally, I think he’d like to be President, but he’ll start with Texas.

All I have to say to Texas is: Remember Arnold! Arnold Schwarzenegger ran as a GOP republican and he was about as liberal as they came, as soon as he got into office.

COMPLETE turnaround!

He bought in a lot of China to California, and then trashed Trump, became a big ‘green planet’ climate ‘green energy’ pusher and after Arnold, California was on the road to complete ruin.

And Texas, if your listening, think VERY hard about putting a former movie star in the governor’s seat. Someone is working with Matthew to get him into a high position in government…and he will turn Texas into the same cesspool as California.

He’s almost as slick as slick Willy. In fact, he’s more entertaining. But listen to how he talks about being a ‘family man” etc.

Yep, he’s setting the stage.

Charm. It goes a long way. Arnold used it.

Ronald Reagan used it.

Trump uses it.

And THIS guy, is serious.

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