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Joe: You Should Have Stayed in the Basement

Nobody Cares

Yes, I forced myself to watch Biden’s big speech tonight, and all I kept thinking was how weak, how embarrassing, how incredibly moronic the rest of the world must think of America…seeing Joe Biden’s great ‘reset’ to China speech tonight.

And the Congress looked like the idiots they TRULY are. Not a brain in the bunch. Mitt Romney was there. Ted Cruz was there. Mitch McConnell was there but looked like he knew he lost the country. Frankly, he’s toast.

Joe took credit for the vaccines. Trump did that. He also took credit for getting out of Afghanistan, Trump did that. In fact whenever he wasn’t sounding like a communist, he sounded like Trump.

Probably because they all know Trump’s was really elected and they were hoping American people would think Biden did all that stuff….like get the vaccines out.

Then Biden turned around and called the nation racist. While all the time saying we need free schools, free health care…and $5 trillion more dollars.

Nancy Pelosi kept talking to someone under her mask. Both Nancy and Kamala looked…terrible.

The coup has already happened. And everyone with any sense know it. To watch this pathetic example of the American government, I must admit…to me it WAS the end of America. They would have done better NOT to have let Joe make a fool of our whole country like that, but he’s not in charge anymore.

Neither is our Congress. We can only guess who is.

Tonight, right before the speech, my husband and I went out to get a chicken sandwich. We went to Popeyes…over 25 cars waiting in line. Okay…we tried KFC…about 16 cars…waiting in line. We traveled about 30 minutes and saw the same everywhere.

Then I realized. The restaurants are closed. Only the fast good places are open. But I have NEVER seen people waiting in such long lines just to get a chicken sandwich.

Never. Was it the moon? Was it the upcoming speech by Biden?

Or…is this the start of the great “RESET.”

I heard someone say that they will pass out trillions of dollars to make everyone think America is back, and then, when they are sure that Trump or AMERICA’s people will remain docile and obey, then the great depression will hit.

I must admit, the whole thing made me sick to my stomach.

How about you?

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