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Will Americans Submit to Being Punished if we are NOT vaccinated?

Nobody Wonders

Were you just as surprised as me when Joe Biden came out with some kind of ‘law’ that NOW, the CDC says that IF you are vaccinated you can now, go outside without a mask on?

I was. I didn’t know it was a crime. I never wear a mask outside. He talks as if he is giving us all now…permission.

Tell me: When was it a law that if you were not vaccinated you could NOT go outside without a mask on? What did I miss? The only reason people are wearing masks at all is because you can’t buy anything or go into ANY store unless you have a mask on.

That’s force. We are being forced to wear masks.

Okay. So we all obeyed. Thousands of people died in nursing homes and hospitals and were NOT allowed to see their families on their dying beds because…THEY MIGHT CATCH COVID!

Picture the scene: Grandma! I love you…they won’t let me come in because I might give you COVID!”

Grandma dies in front of their eyes. No one can touch.

“Well, at least we didn’t give her Covid…”

When Biden said maybe if we were good boys and girls and all got vaccinated, he might let us celebrate the 4th of July in our backyards with our friends, I thought he was a putz. Who made HIM king?

“We’ll see.” He said basically.

Already some businesses are making their employees now get the shot. We’ve gone from wearing the masks to I’m waiting for it: “You cannot enter this store unless you’ve been vaccinated.” Or…

“Sorry, we have to let you go because we can’t keep you if your not vaccinated.”

I was just listening to Glenn Beck who was explaining that all the banks want to go to digital money, due to the fact that the dollar will collapse, and then THEY can monitor every ‘dollar’ you spend.

And then they will be able to KEEP you from buying what they don’t want you to buy.

We’ve gone from masks, to closing down all businesses and schools, to isolation, and now to gain control of all money transactions.

Is that what’s coming?

Biden and his corporate/communist progressive in arms, clearly want to get to the China model: You either do as we say, (And we will know ALL that you do) or we can make your life miserable. That’s what they do in China.

In China, if you don’t wear a mask, you CAN be punished.

Nobody Wonders: How long before the United States gets to that point? The companies are already on board.

Will the American citizen submit?

Is Biden running our country, or is…China? (Okay, not a trick question.)

From Infowars:


The Communist Chinese government is punishing citizens in some areas of the country who commit COVID-related transgressions such as not wearing a mask in public by deducting 10 points from their social credit score and in some cases putting them on no fly blacklists.

Chicoms Hit Citizens With 10 Point Social Credit Score Penalty For Not Wearing a Mask in Public (

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