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Nobody Wonders: The Gates Divorce? WHY?

Nobody Wonders

Wow. Bill and Melinda Gates, the PERFECT super rulers of the world are…getting divorced?

Uh. Can we wonder….why?

Are we supposed to feel sorry about this? Heck no…not me.  We must wonder…why did it take her so long? They have three kids that very few people have seen, and by all accounts, they are old enough to take the blow. And since they had no prenuptial (Go ahead President Trump, remind Bill once again WHY that is important.) the kids will probably end up with more than the $10 million dollars that Daddy wanted to give them, as will his wife.

Who may I say, seemed to me to do most of the talking and was a perfect narcissistic match for him, which is why maybe they just both butted heads on too many subjects? If you think you are right because you are the smartest person on the planet, everyone must agree with you, period. Put two in the same room, and you have trouble.

Is Bill controlling? He once memorized every license plate number on every employee that worked at Microsoft so that he always knew what and where they were at all times, until of course, the company became too big for him to do that. So, ask yourself…if a man would do that…the next step is to be able to KNOW where every human being is on the planet, right?

It’s probably just a small tick of mental autism with him. You know I think there is something very wrong with his…reasoning, Bill doesn’t care how many people he kills, just how many he can get vaccinated.

While it’s reported that Bill is only the 4th richest person in the world, you have to argue that’s another lie. He hides ALL his fortune in his foundations, so he doesn’t have to pay taxes. He has his hand in ALL over the vaccines, and will make money on all of them. And as far as his control in other companies?

Please. I bet even HE doesn’t know the hundreds he has invested in.

So what caused this? Was it the fact that Bill has no problem with killing off half the planet? Or, was it the fact that he had rides on Epstein’s plane, and it wasn’t just to sell young girls Windows 10? Or was it because he wants to cut off the sun, and make EVERYBODY stop eating meat? Or maybe it’s because he wants to make sure he can monitor every single human on the planet with a ‘vaccine’ mark on their hands, so he can know whose been vaccinated and who hasn’t? Or, is it because he is starting to look like the most hated man on the planet?

How does that effect your ‘sex’ life? It always looked to me like it was a marriage of…business. She loved to control, and so did he. I’m sure her IQ scores were high, and so were his…and to a computer narcissistic nerd like Bill…well…in the words of Tina Turner…what’s love got to do with it?

Nobody Wonders, if the goals of Bill Gates is just more money. After all, the virus will ALWAYS mutate, and so Bill’s vaccines will ALWAYS have to be updated, every year. Or more. And while the governments are paying for the first vaccines, later YOU will have to pay, or YOU will get sick. They designed it that way. It’s the same thing they did with Windows…NEVER let a product last too long. You lose years of profit!

Follow Bills’ life, and that’s what you see. He’s a genius at monopolies.

His goal…to win ALL the money!

I don’t know. I don’t like either one of them as people, so it will be interesting to see if either one of them marry right away. Maybe she really WANTED to save lives instead of killing them. Maybe that’s where the big difference is.

Or maybe it’s just that she will have plenty of money and her own life, and is sick of his ‘messing’ around. Maybe it’s just that simple.

Nobody Wonders.

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