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Bill Gates is on a “WE MUST GET THE WHOLE WORLD VACCINATED!” rampage, but getting people to accept a vaccine, which they have NO idea how it will effect, is hard.

So, since he thinks our problem is… we are all…stupid, he came up with this cute little display, that explains to the masses what he wants to do. Clearly, he thinks most humans have the intelligence of a three-year-old.

I almost laughed when I saw this: a global alert system and infectious disease first responders? Ha ha ha.. Look, he had someone make little puppet-like diagrams of his little ‘army’ of vaccinators.

It’s adorable.

I’ll talk about the ‘vaccine’ later on this week, but for now, it never seizes to amaze me how condescending these guys are who think they are “experts” and decide the average person is too STUPID to understand what they are saying, so they get their little ‘teaching’ boards, and talk to us as if we are…all morons.

Karl Rove does this too. He’s famous for it, never mind that all his predictions aren’t worth the cost of the board he is holding up. He kept adding the numbers up saying Hillary was going to win.

Right. And he STILL has a job? Being George Bush’s best bud has its perks.

Of course, they all stole this idea from Glenn Beck who used to draw all his ideas on TWO big blackboards, except, he didn’t talk down to anyone watching.

In the end, Bill always ends up saying “this will take a LOT of investment.”

Translation: YOU will pay for his big global ideas, not him. He’ll just make all the money off the ever changing virus, which will change every…6 months, so, I’m waiting for the Microsoft update vaccine 3.1. to evolve not only to a 4.0, but another great display of cute little people by Bill Gates.

I don’t know about you, but I wanted to blow some of his little cardboard people over.

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