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Nobody Wins when They Censore Opinions..

Like this one: (Copy and paste in your search engine.)

If you want to know a bit more about Elon Musk, the Mike and Doug show have a really interesting take on just who he is.

These two guys have been banned from just about every media. You will have to copy and past that into your search engine because there is No WAY I can tweet it, or upload it to my blog. That’s how dangerous they think these two guys are. I just tried to tweet it, and Twitter told me it was dangerous.

(Hey! What happened Elon?)

For those of you who are wondering about how Mr. Musk has upset the whole world, these two guys have a different look at the whole situation, and a different view on Musk. (amfortas…you might want to see this.)

I must admit, I only watched the first 30 minutes, I plan to find the time to watch it all when I can. But the first 30 minutes will tell you quite a bit.

Nobody Wins when you can’t even share different opinions like in the old days. And since Musk bought Twitter, Biden has set up his own “disinformation” Czar to monitor AND CONTROL speech even further.

As it’s being reported: 1984 is here.

One more thing: I read somewhere that the timing of this was to get Trump’s ‘Truth’ network to fail. That also makes sense. Still, with all the fuse about how everyone is crying out loud about what will happen to Twitter, I will believe it when I see it.

If what these guys say is correct, then DARPA and the military complex is behind Musk, and so, it fits in line with the RINOS. Really, how else did this guy get all this money from the government?

Anyway, give it a watch. Especially my favorite Brit and Aussie readers.

These guys say England STILL runs the world.

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  1. I watched the entire video, the first part was in line with a comment I’d made on a story about Musk on an article you publish some time back. The first part also was in line with unknown people who suddenly became rich and famous such as Musk, Bezos, Gates, and other et all

    All of the videos was bits and pieces of information spanning from long ago to present.

    The last part got into an X files sort of thing-demon possession, 5g disease activation, 12,000 year events, population extinction, body double etc

    It was laid out well with facts on a subject then straight into statements that weren’t backed up with facts. Overall it was a bit much even for me, a confirmed conspiracy theorist.

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    Comment by Robert Blackman | April 28, 2022 | Reply

  2. That was a lot to wade through, but as you asked for me to watch, I did. So much nonsense from two grown men. Not Englishmen mind you, but talking about England and MY Queen as though she is some sort of fat spider in a web with her one ‘golden’ share. Oh, come on. Its like the PM being #1 holder of a footy club membership. Symbolic. As for Musk being such a power that sways National Budget allocations, I have no idea who else does (some piddling) as I watch billions of your bucks and mine syphoned off into schemes that boggle the mind and raise my taxes. These two chaps do not know the first thing about Musk’s business dealings, nor his person.

    I too am a psychologist. I too have held position. But unlike your old geezer who claims insight, I have very little to laud or condemn the man with. I read and listen and wonder too. But I stop well short of offering a ‘view’, dressing up a prejudice in the cloak of an opinion.

    Try looking at the man with some charity. From his view and his ex-wife’s too.

    Your two old geezers do not know Musk. Neither do I. Nor you. We all may have views. But most will be biased and suppositional. They will bear little real knowledge. They will be mostly naked. He himself however has been as close as one can be and, while no doubt suffering from the same skewing as we do with ourselves, at least has the validity of immediate experience. His ex-lady wife too has first hand experience, as well as at least an initial Love for him. That may now be jaded, but here she does not show it.

    I sit and watch the world, this fallen place beloved of the Creator, and see great people and small, honest men and crooks, opinionated damned fools and wise, quieter types. Fascinating world, innit?

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    Comment by Amfortas | April 27, 2022 | Reply

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