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Nobody Reports: Sue the Teacher’s Union

Repeat, Wash, rinse, Repeat, Wash, rinse, uh wait. The democratic talking points are ALWAYS repeated word to word, day in, day out, and every democratic is always saying the same thing.

What happened yesterday?

This was suppose to be the great day of destroying what was LEFT of our police forces, and it was spoiled by a young kid who walked into a classroom and killed all the kids in it, and two of the teachers.

What? Destroying the police has ALWAYS been top of the to do list of Obama, and he wasn’t ABOUT to let some school shooting get in the way of making George Floyd’s day a national memorial:

Well, I didn’t love George Floyd. Maybe he was a nice guy. Nevertheless, Biden signed another “Police will never engage ANYBODY from doing anything.” bill into law, which is why in every school shooting from before and into the future we will see police RUN to the school shooting, and…stand outside. They stood outside at Columbine. For four hours. By then, every kid in the classroom, including the two killers had been shot.

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Just ask Princess Diana…who waited for about the same 4 hours dying in the backseat of her limo.

Oh wait…we can’t ask her…she’s dead. Sorry.

All over the news we are hearing how we should not make judgements about the police, or politicians, or even the kid who had a mother on drugs and was clearly trying to shout out to someone to help him.

No, it’s all about “Americans STILL have guns!”

The democrats want to ban all guns of course. Why, Biden said even our Founding Fathers wouldn’t allow someone to have a cannon! (Not true, but pretty funny.)

Instead of talking about the fact that SOMEONE left the back door open and the kid just walked in. Or that they didn’t have any teachers with guns.

I remember not even being able to walk into my son’s gradeschool without signing in, even though they knew me, and this was WAY before Columbine or Sandy Hook.

Why was the back door not locked? Will they blame the teachers for leaving the back door open, probably for THEIR own convenience? Or the principal?

Uh. No. Like politicians, they are SPECIAL. They don’t believe in guns.

But even though Obama and Biden had their big momentous signing for George Floyd spoiled, they used this opportunity, while everyone was talking about gun control, to pass another Biden executive order to say that NO school can stop any kid who thinks he’s a girl, walk into any bathroom or shower in any school and use it with the other girls. Something tells me the ‘queer’ girl is not going to go into the boys room.

If Biden finds out that any school does not obey his order, he will take away their lunch programs.

The kids…will starve. King Biden has spoken. So let it be written. So let it be done!

As for all the parents whose kids were killed? I would sue the government for not protecting their kids.

If all these black parents whose kids have been killed by ‘white’ cops can get millions, why can’t the parents of kids killed in school? Why? It’s a governments job isn’t it?

Are not our schools paid for by our taxes, just like our police?

The people whose kids are killed at school, should sue the Teachers’ Unions. Maybe they’d start getting serious.

After all, those parents trusted the schools to protect thier kids. And after all, Biden has told the teachers that when those kids are in school, those kids are theirs.

Time they protect them, at least, since they are doing a poor job of teaching them anything.

Maybe they should start teaching the kids to protect themselves, against teachers who can’t.

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