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Home Depot: Honor the Veterans? Uh…not Quite

Nobody Knows:

My husband and I were out getting supplies for our garden today, when for the first time in my life, I saw a man, coming out of a gas station, with a pistol on his side. At first I thought he was some kind of G-man or cop, but then I saw his wife, she looked poor. Both of them were reloading their small car, an old Dodge Dart, and putting into the back a cooler, and a small suitcase. My first thought was “smart guy.” because he was all of about 120 pounds, and I doubt if he could beat up most of the men in North County St. Louis.

Was he from another state? Passing through? Had he read that St. Louis was the murder capitol of the United States? He’d be right on that account, although I still think they leave the South Side of Chicago out of all those stats. Clearly, they hold the record for most murders.

That’s why I don’t believe any stats I hear anymore.

He was tall, maybe in his early thirties, but he certainly wanted everyone to SEE the gun on his hip.

We have open carry here in Missouri, but I never see anyone with a gun on their hip.

Right after that, being Memorial Day, we were working on putting down some new mulch on our ‘soldiers’ statues. We went to Home Depot because they give a military discount. I can tell my husband loves it when the cashier says, “Thank you for your service.”

In the garden center, they only had ONE girl working the checkout, and the waiting line was over 17 people, with big buys of flowers etc, which means a good 30 minutes in line…we had a lot of work to do, and it seemed everybody else deceided “Hey, we can’t afford to do much else, let’s garden today!” With the price of gas, it was no surprise that so many people did NOT leave for the three day weekend. They were going to fix up the backyard and probably drink.

I suggested we go to the Menards across the street, where they always have at least 5 checkers. And you wonder, “WHY does Menards have all those checkers and Home Depot does not?”

“Good idea.” said my husband the vet.

We had a small purchase of garden light bulbs, and went inside the store, where there was only ONE checker, also. That’s also odd, I thought.

Now, remember, it’s Memorial Day. We got behind another gentleman who was a vet, and the lady said he couldn’t show his “card” anymore, they would only honor the military discount if he had a APP on his phone. Because it was a big hassle to GET that card in the first place…we felt a bit insulted.

WHY do this “Hey, you won’t get a discount until you put the app on your phone” on Memorial Day when millions of veterans were probably shopping there? You really can’t hold up the line trying to figure out HOW to put that app on your phone now can you?

Too bad sucker.

“That’s okay.” said my husband. “Screw that. I just won’t shop here anymore.” he said as we walked out of the Home Depot big doors.

We went to Menards, and got our mulch. And I wondered how so many stores can keep bowing to the GREAT RESET of their CEO’s and continue to stay in busniess?

Or, are these CEO’s promised big paychecks to go along with the drive to RESET the economy?

Nobody Knows. But I thought back to that guy with the gun. The veterans in America are many, and they KNOW how to use a gun. But, you never hear of a veteran walking into anywhere and killing anyone.

No, they just kill themselves. Suicides of the vets are about 22 a day.

Are they TRYING to make the veterans mad?

Biden is giving the money slated for the Veterans to the illegals. On top of that the illegals all get IPones and Credit Cards filled with hundreds to spend.

But now, veterens will need an APP for Home Depot discount. Why not give them the same Credit Card filled with hundreds of dollars like the illegals get?

Good luck with that.

Something tells me Home Depot might regret it. It might seem like simple slight, but they might be surprised how many Veterans will just stop shopping at Home Depot. They were proud to show their license with their picture on it marked “veteran.” They take that moment away with an ‘app.’

The vet in front of us was mad as hell too.

Will they do a Netflix and honor the veterans again?

Nobody Knows. But, I doubt it.

Oh, and by the way….when it comes to guns, this guy below, said it all: And no holding back.

Nobody Wonders: If he was a Vet.

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