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Nobody Flashes: One Good Dog

As you all know, our dog Zippy died earlier this year. I miss her everyday, and miss seeing her little face at the door when I come home.

I see on my Ring video’s that so many dogs are wandering around the neighborhood…lost. Or abandoned.

But his guy got a home. How can you not LOVE that emotion?

I always contribute to the shelters that DON’T kill dogs. I’m not a big fan of the “Humane Society.” I found them to be a multi-million dollar business, sort of like planned parenthood. I had a very bad experience with them once, and I’m afraid it colored my perception of them.

Always look for the little shops that really care, and do not kill the animals.

Anyway…this is a happy ending. What would humans do without their beloved dogs? (Or cats, or birds, or whatever?) They bring love when the world is unforgiving, and god is in them all.

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