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Nobody Flashes: Tyranny In America

Yesterday, for the first time in American History, a former President’s resident was raided by the FBI. Even his home safe was broken into.

It was illegal, and no doubt, some kind of fake ‘evidence’ was planted in order to frame him for…for what? I don’t think its only power that they are after…with every day passing, what they are REALLY afraid of is all their many crimes against America and humanity being exposed.

Stealing the election for the first time in history was one thing: but this? To break into his home and go through his safe looking for what?

Proof of crimes? Or proof of crimes committed by the various former Presidents?

Or is it simply that Trump will destroy too many gravy trains of cash.

President Trump probably has documents that prove the vast crimes that all of the people at the top have been committing. From sex orgies, to drug running, to money laundering, to major crimes committed against the American people, to proof that the Bidens, the Clintons, and the Obamas, how they have been bought and sold to the highest bidders and the treasonous crimes they have all committed against America. We’ve all read about it, and are being told time and again to ignore it all.

The Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas: all destroying as much as they could.

Or is this just another ‘stunt’? Another stunt to discourage the American people for voting for him?

We have sat by for years and watch the Clintons and their many crimes: Killings of over hundreds of people who worked for them, by plane crashes, and suicides. Even Putin should be jealous of the many mysterious ‘killings’ of the vast Clinton murder lists.

Bill’s trafficting in sex with Epstein—Hillary selling off America’s assets to Russia, MASSIVE treasoous crimes commited and ignored. Now the Bidens are giving America to China. Weakening us at every turn: economically, and militarily, so that China can rule us all. Disarming, us. Taking away our energy, food—doing what any other emeny nation would do to take us out.

All the while behind the scenes the vast movers of the global corporate elite planning to have us all marked and controlled like cattle with electric sensors in our brains.

Never in our history, has an American President been attacked so viciously than President Trump. Even Abraham Lincoln didn’t have to fight the vicious democrats/Marxist who cheat, kill, lie, and plan, to take and destroy America.

Whose behind the DOJ and the FBI being used as a weapon to destroy Trump?

I have one name: Hillary Clinton. And Hillary is the world’s biggest whore. (Metaphorically speaking.)

Nancy Pelosi works for Hillary. She’s the second in command. And I think that the speeches at CPAC, and the recent nominations of Trump supporters in the last primaries, put them in high panic attack gear:

Trump HAS to go. It’s not just Trump. That new woman on the blog, Kari Lake, of Arizonia, is the REAL threat. Not Ron DeSantis. Kari Lake. I bet Hillary and Nancy are planning right now a car crash or a plane crash.

You can bet on it.

The FBI raiding Trump’s home in Mar-a-lago, might just be the final nail in the coffin of Hillary’s march to power. To carry machine guns into the X-President’s home?


We all know the crimes that have been committed and nobody goes to jail, but this?

As Kari Lake put it so beautifully the other day: It’s time for the dynasties of Bush and Clintons to end.

The good news? We can fight back. And many will. The GOP is about to raise a LOT of money.

The bad news: The deep state can start WWIII and never hold elections again. They’ve killed millions with the virus, they can kill millions more with a war.

We’d better have a plan. If they will steal an election, and turn America into little Russia, then they will do ANYTHING to destroy us, and soon.

One thing that we CAN be sure of: Don’t expect the RINOS to come out and join the American people to say “this has gone too far.”If they do, don’t believe them.

I’m not going to. Do you really think Dick Cheney is going to say a word?

The RINOS…are in on it. So, don’t listen to what they say: watch what they do.

In the meantime, we pray for the safety of President Trump. THE REAL President who is now, in exile.

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