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Paul Ryan…Your Rino President By Default

Nobody’s Opinion:

As you know, I have written many a blog on the traitor Paul Ryan, and last week, Paul Ryan actually did his best to KEEP Obamacare in place. It was sickening the way he was praising President Trump throughout the whole process, and I don’t think Trump is that stupid to fall for his obsequious obnoxiousness.

Trump is alone, except for Brannon and his immediate family. The Freedom Caucus is with him, but they are only about 35 and a very small minority.  That’s how corrupt Washington D.C. is.

Rep. Paul Ryan claimed to have run a marathon in less than three hours.

The global elites will NOT let him ruin any of their agenda’s, and Paul Ryan was put in the office to outmaneuver Trump at every turn.

Judge Jeannie is right. Paul Ryan should resign, but he is the firewall against anything Trump wants to do. The elites know that the leader of the House has so much power, he can do just about anything, and the voices of the house are basically mute.  He can smash any of them like a bug.

I’d rather Paul be his old “I don’t like Trump at all” self, then this sniveling sycophant that he is now.

There were reports that an hour after his speech, Paul Ryan was picked up by Obama’s bodyguards and rushed to a rich neighborhood where he met someone in some house. No doubt Valerie Jarrett or Mitt Romney, or perhaps a whole host of globalists were there. I saw the pictures of him getting into the SUV.

I saw the article, but I bet you can’t find it now.

Ryan is a globalist. Globalist put the WORLD first, not America. They are against any kind of ‘nationalism.’ The propaganda is that President Trump is a nationalist, and Hitler was a nationalist and nationalism leads to another Hitler.

If anybody is like Hitler, it’s the global elites, who want to control the whole world.  And speaking of the global elites….

The globalists have flooded their own countries with the 21st century Nazi’s, ISIS, probably telling themselves that mixing all races and all colors will make a better world with no war. Better to put up with small killings than a major war between the East and West.

Who know what goes on in their sick and tormented little minds?

This week I was following the small details of the global elites: Details like watching Paul Ryan giving the Catholic sign of the cross when he was getting ready to open the House sessions. Paul Ryan is all for open borders, bringing in millions of Muslims, and following the new devil in the Vatican, Pope Francis.

Yeah, that’s right. I called him a devil.

The globalist need a leader to obtain this borderless world government, and they picked the right man to lead the Christians to the slaughter–Pope Francis, who is, as we speak, telling America to take in the whole world and support it.

Pope Francis is unbelievable corrupt, and an insult to every good Catholic on the planet,

The globalists are worried though:  “Populism” is expanding across Europe, and their EU will be imploding soon. They sent John McCain over to the EU to panic.

Last week the Pope gathered the illuminati of the world, under the guise of Roman artwork so they could all feel important, to make a pact that they will STILL screw the world and control it, and take out anyone who opposes their plans. The Divinci Code on steroids.
Here’s what Paul Ryan said about the Pope in his book:

Pope Francis is inviting us to have a conversation so we can decide how best to advance solutions that will further human progress and freedom.

The debate is not settled. I have offered my way of applying Catholic social principles. There are those who won’t see it my way, and that is perfectly fine. The Pope isn’t asking for conformity, but participation.

What the pope and Paul Ryan want, is redistribution of what’s left of the wealth of the United States. They want Americans to take care of the invasion of the millions from all over the world, and if we don’t, then we are not good people.

And you know what I say to that.

Paul Ryan will end up being President by default if President Trump doesn’t do something about him. Just what we wanted: another despicable, lying, control freak in our lives.

It might be time for Trump to get political.

I’d say a good sex scandal would do fine.

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