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Predator Priests in Pennsylvania: Not as Important as OMG-orosa

Nobody Wonders

If this just happened in Pennsylvania, how many times has it happened in all the other states?

I confesses: I’ve never been particularly fond of the Catholic Church. The idea of a “Pope” who is treated as a saint, above all others, is everything that is never discussed in the Bible. I’ve read the Bible three times: I don’t remember a “Pope” even being mentioned.

Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus say: “And there will be a man who will be worshipped above all others.”

Historically speaking, the Catholic Church has been just as corrupt as ANY corrupt government you can think of.

I know…I know…you hear the usual rebuttal: But think of all the GOOD they do! And there is a lot….BUT….

Like most countries: you can have great people— but if the leaders are corrupt, it’s never a good thing.

Let’s face it: The leaders of the Catholic Church have been putting up with pedophilia in their priests, for God only knows HOW long. Hiding it from the world. Like Hillary Clinton, they are somehow, always beyond being charged with their crimes.

It always seemed to me for years that the Catholic Church had struck a deal with some of the most powerful men in Western government. With the hierarchy of Popes, Bishops, and Cardinals, you can say that the whole Catholic administration is set up much like any other government. King at the top, and ministers at the bottom.

Many priests are good, but…way too many of them do terrible damage to the innocent children and commit crimes they should be in jail for.

But they don’t go to jail, so they? Because the church protects them.

The news today that 301 priests, clergy and lay teachers were found guilty of sexual abuse is no surprise. All over the state of Pennsylvania, and over 1,000 victims.

If you like to molest little boys and little girls, what better place to hide your crimes than to become a priest of the Catholic Church?

There were 99 found in the Diocese of Pittsburgh alone.

Parent trusted these men.

Nobody Wonders why the Catholic Church has gotten by with protecting child molesters for as long as they have. Why don’t governments go in and GET these guys?

This Nobody thinks: it all comes down to money.

Some of the most powerful men in the world have their money in the Vatican Bank. where it is protected from all eyes. In return, the church protects their assets, and this protection goes on forever. The Bush family has a lot of their money in the Vatican Bank….do you really think they are the only ones?

I think if you lifted up Pope Francis’ skirt you would find: The Deep State of global gold.

There is nothing wrong with the innocent Catholic people. There is nothing wrong with the beautiful churches, or even the traditional services.

But…there is nothing but greed and corruption at the top.

I pity the poor Christians all over the world…who believe that the meek shall inherit the earth. Their priests tell them this.

The question is: Just when will this happen?

And that’s a question only Jesus could answer. In the meantime, they are once again being slaughtered and persecuted in many countries. Why is the Pope not crying out about this?

What would Jesus do?

I know what I would do: If you molest a child, you lose your main weapon…

Pretty simple. And that common sense justice suggestion IS in the Bible.

A Bible, which the Pope obviously thinks is ‘outdated.’

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