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Rush Limbaugh: 30 Years And He Just Gets Better

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I was in my car, doing my usual errands: pick up meds, pick up dog treats, pick up shrimp, pick up shipment of LDS from the Mexican Cartels down the street: (Just seeing if you were paying attention) when I heard one of my favorite voices on the car radio:

Yep. It was President Trump calling Rush Limbaugh to congratulate him on his 30 years of radio success.

Thank God. I parked the car and just listened. Two sane voices: easing my soul like a calming blue laser light against the usual madness of hatred, impeachment talking, and Trump derangement cases of aging politicians and Hollywood communists that I listen to every hour.

Every morning I wake up, turn on cable, and hear the latest crap about whatever they think President Trump is doing wrong…
THEN they admit with faces of anger, that the economy is doing great. You get an hour of “Hate Trump” and five minutes of…Okay. We must admit SOME people like him. And that’s on FOX.

Madonna finally left because of Trump, she now lives in Portugal.

Good. Stay there Madonna. Nobody Cares.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to hear the President repeat his points on WHY we need to fix immigration, AGAIN. He mentioned the illegal who had killed 8 people, had brought in 20 of his relatives. The chain migration: The criminals bringing in the drugs…we’ve all heard it before, and then we hear Congressional leaders….Ryan: McDonnell: and now the Koch Brothers trying to stop him.

Yeah, the Koch brothers worried that President Trump’s actions on tariffs’ will put other countries workers OUT OF WORK! I must admit. That one floored me.

You must wonder how these people got so rich being so clueless about the average American.

Rush alone has been the only voice on the radio that has stood behind Trump lately.

Okay. I admit. He was pushing Ted Cruz before the election, just like Mark Levine was. But Rush was smart enough not to say Cruz was the only choice. Mark Levine was not.

Like Glenn Beck, Mark Levine got very nasty over anyone picking Donald Trump over Ted Cruz.

Mark has come around somewhat, but every night he blasts the President his tariffs. Some nights I want to call up and really let go on the guy: He doesn’t get it. SURE…in the short-term some will suffer. But the globalists have damaged the country almost beyond repair, and the people understand that.

Evidently…some don’t.

I’m not stupid, so I never even try to call.  I would not get on Mark Levine’s show. Everybody they let on goes on for the first five minutes about how Mark is close to the second coming.

So, that’s why I prefer Rush.

Rush has really seen the light. I must admit, I wasn’t sure if he would.

But listening to him today…he gets it now. He GETS the fact that the upper Eastern seaboard: The elites of the world are the ones fighting to KEEP America where it is now, and to get the open borders.

For many years, it felt like he worked for them.

Rush truly is the one voice who has kept the Republican party in power. George W. Bush owes him especially. The GOP owe Rush Limbaugh big time. He has always been the man to guide the American citizen to logic…to the conservative…to sanity.

Rush really is the voice of America today: He’s always positive, and he’s logical.

Rush said today he thinks the reason he gets the country is because he was born and raised in Middle America’s he gets it.
God sure knew what he was doing when he made you.

So, Congratulations Rush on 30 years of hard work, education, and inspiration!

And we will all, God willing, tune in tomorrow.

And by the way, isn’t that you there in front?


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