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Nobody’s Fools: Black Republicans and Dinesh D’Souza

Nobody’s Fools:

I’ve been telling you that the black people around my neighborhood are starting to ‘get it.’ The liberals are VERY worried about the black vote, and if you watch these two video’s, you can see why. These men just saw ‘Death of a Nation.”

Bet Obama wished he could have kept Dinesh in jail.

This movie is also why we are seeing all the racist attacks from the media, and from that very evil woman, that President Trump trusted in the White House. I bet, if we knew, Ombrosa is getting BIG bucks from the Soros bank of racist destruction. The progressives will play that ‘race’ card all the way up until November.

Ombrosa is bringing out tapes, and all kinds of stuff to make out that President Trump fired her…because she is black.

Still…many blacks are waking up. Just watch these two video’s. And listen to Brandon Tatum. I don’t think one women is going to change their minds.

They “get” it now.

Let’s hope, the ones that are getting it, are making sure to make it to the mid-term elections, and vote. Because as one of these men said: If the progressives take over, America is gone. If the blacks wise up and vote, the democrats will be history.

God Bless these men, and Dinesh D’Souza for making the movie.


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