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Sorry GOP: Trump is our Churchill


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Yesterday, the PC Gods of absurdity attacked the master of Trump…Today, the world went nuts, because Donald Trump wants to protect America.Trump kick ass

Okay–it was just the world controlled by the big-moneyed elite global minions of preposterousness, whose worse fears came out in huge display at the thought of Donald Trump as President

They are afraid that the PEOPLE really do agree with him. OMG! Years of diversity engineering, and the billions of dollars spent for the Western feminization and diversification programs could be ruined by one man.

To the rich elites and their well-placed mouthpieces in media, the thought is almost unbearable.

Russ Limbaugh laughed at the many violent verbal reactions from the powerful and their mouthpieces.

Trump…who has a nasty habit according to his many critics, of putting AMERICANS first, said this: It was too horrible to repeat, but here it is:

Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”.

Note: Everybody with a head on their shoulders, and a brain in their head thought..mmm…that sounds like an idea we should at least think about…yes…it makes sense.Churchill google

He didn’t say, We need to get rid of all Muslims living here, NOW…just those that want to enter.   If a country (in this case radical Muslims and it’s very hard to tell who they are.) want to kill us. Best not let them in for a while.

What the HECK is wrong with that? If the Australians were acting like the Muslims, and had already killed thousands here on our own soil, Trump would say the same thing. You don’t invite people in who want to set off a massive weapon do you? Thank you Mr. Trump, we feel the same.

The Trump hate list was long and wide…many comparing him to Hitler:

Martin O’Malley tweeted that Trump “Removes all doubt he is running for president as a fascist demagogue.”

Hillary Clinton sent out a tweet Tuesday that said in big letters, “Love trumps hate.”

Josh Earnest said that what Trump said should disqualify him from ever serving as president, and he added that Republican candidates who refuse to say they would not support Trump as the party’s nominee also are disqualifying themselves.

Paul Ryan, House Speaker, said this was not what the party stands for.

Dick Cheney: Former vice president said it “goes against everything we stand for.”Islamaphopia

Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who said he did not agree with the proposal about blocking Muslims from coming into the country, also commended Trump for focusing attention on the need to secure the borders of the United States.

Rick Santorum Former Pennsylvania senator, said there was a more practical way to accomplish the same goal. (Okay, let’s hear it.)

David Cameron leads the condemnation after the presidential candidate said parts of London were so radicalized “police in London are afraid for their own their lives” –

The Pentagon says his comments play into Islamic State’s hatred of the West. (Yeah, they’ve done a bang-up job.)

Lindsey Graham: You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell,”

Jeb Bush also took to Twitter saying “Donald Trump is unhinged. Have we learned anything from history, Mr Trump?” he said.

Really Jeb? You want to go there? Your ad that is playing EVERY hour on Fox declares we are in the war for Western civilization. So, that makes you, according to Hitchens, a moron.

The ONLY person who stuck up for Trump was, who would have guessed…Rupert Murdoch:

“Has Trump gone too far?” tweeted Murdoch, without answering his own question. “Regardless, public is obsessed on radical Muslim dangers, Complete refugee pause to fix vetting makes sense.” 

It was just simple suggestion.

He didn’t give billions to Iran to help them nuke up…

He didn’t accept millions of dollars from Saudi Kings….tryanny two

He didn’t come out and tell America that the rich elite bankers need a bailout…

He didn’t shove Obamacare down our throats.

What is he doing? He’s putting America FIRST, and it’s about damn time somebody did.

Today, you would have thought that Donald Trump was the most evil man who ever walked the earth.

I was talking to my neighbor earlier today, who is afraid that if Trump runs as an Independent, Hillary will win, because that’s what happened with Perot.

But this time, it’s different. Trump knows, that a lot of democrats would vote for him too.

Rush pointed out today that Trump is brilliant.

And to many of us sitting out here having to listen to all this crap

Trump is the only one making sense.

Trump .is our Churchill.







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