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Can We GIVE John Kerry to France?

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John Kerry, the ‘American’ Frenchman, was on Face the Nation this morning, bragging about the great meeting of international global climate change party that was put together by …John Kerry and the French, and by his own accounts, what he has done is nothing short of landing on the moon. Come on…look at that background. John Kerry is a Frenchman first and an American second. He probably has a really nice house there, a great apartment in Paris, and only comes home to Martha’s Vineyard once a year.

The whole thing was a joke. More pollution was spilt on the Eiffel Tower last week by the rich and elite’s jets, than in all of China in one day, and that’s saying a lot.

Since no country in their right mind will ever sign an agreement to be punished for their use of oil or gas, the big wig blowhards at the U.N. convention, who have no jobs other than to give big speeches about how they are ‘trying’ to save the planet—-this whole Climate Change convention was just another big joke…but…it might not be, depending on WHO gets into the White House.

(Remember, Chris Christie will sign on to it.)

It doesn’t have mandatory targets for reduction and it doesn’t have an enforcement, compliance mechanism,” Kerry said during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

Kerry said such mechanisms were not included because Congress would have refused to greeclimate change defensen light the deal.

Binding legal requirements would have made the Paris agreement a treaty, requiring approval from two-thirds of the Senate. Because no climate change measure could close to the high bar in the chamber, the Paris deal was written to avoid it.

So, what Kerry is saying is that these elites are not even paying attention to their own laws, but setting this up all by themselves outside of their people.

No wonder he was so excited.

Yes, these clowns think by spending…what did he say…$50 TRILLION dollars on alternative energy they can lower the temperature by one degree. This meeting wasn’t about climate change, this meeting was about government officials pledging to give so much money into a global pot to be redistributed (After they siphoned off trillions for their own bank accounts) to be put into sweet deals for themselves and their partners. Since we all know they don’t plan to put one single dime of their own into the pot to save the planet, where do you think this money is going to come from?

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon admitted Monday that even if global warming can’t be seen or felt by humans, the world should still agree to an international treaty to cut carbon dioxide emissions.


Ban also wants rich countries to pledge $100 billion a year to poor countries to help them adapt to global warming and make sure countries can be held accountable for CO2 and funding pledges.


China pledged to peak CO2 emissions by 2030 and increase green energy use, but the country has given no firm plan on making actual cuts to emissions. India has also resisted calls to cut emissions, saying it’s more important to provide its citizens with higher standards of living — something that can’t be done without coal or oil.

John Kerry is a globalist.Climate change reality

He is about as American as Castro. Ricky Ricardo was more of an American than John Kerry.

I don’t know about you, but I’m paying enough money for my electric, I don’t feel like giving Obama and John Kerry one sent more.

John Kerry has done nothing for America or the world for that matter…but you can bet he has done wonders for the restaurants in France.

France…can have him….and his little dog too. (I bet he has a French poodle.)

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Ann Coulter: Explains WHY the Rich Want to Flood Our Country…

Nobody ReadsAdios America

Well, I’m now half-way through Ann Coulter’s book, Adios America, and at the end of page 227,  Ann lays out her argument for WHY the rich want to flood our country with illegal’s:

Enjoy the thoughts of the very big somebody, Ann Coulter,

Immigration isn’t about rescuing the 2.4 billion people of the world living on less than two dollars a day: It’s about enriching the already rich, who like to laugh at blue-collar people being ground down by cheap labor. It’s about Carlos Slim, Zoe Barid, Kimba Wood, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheldon Adelson getting richer. It’s about the gilded class being able to afford a battery of servants. It’s about ethnic activists increasing their power and media desirability. It’s about Democrats winning a permanent political majority. And it’s about Republican officeholders pleasing their well-heeled donors and clinging to power, at least for a few more years. What use does New Jersey Governor Christ Christie have for an out-of-work roofer when Mark Zuckerberg want to be his friend? The only people not benefiting from immigration are ordinary Americans. But who cares about them?

Certainly not the New Your Times. They just want to keep Carlos Slim Happy.

(Carlos Slim, the richest man in Mexico, OWNS the New York Times.)

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