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Nobody Remembers the Day Ronald Reagan Became a Republican

Nobody Remembers

—-How Ronald Reagan became a Republican.Reagon Nixon

First— let me remind everyone that the story goes,  that back when Ronald Reagan was trying to win the Republican nomination, there were the ‘back’ room boys who were trying to prevent it. They told him that he could get the nomination for the Republican party ONLY if he choose H.W. Bush to be his running mate.

H.W. Bush was what was known as a Rockefeller Rino. Reagan had no choice, so he did it. While Reagan took the country to soaring heights, H.W. Bush took America onto it’s New World Order globalist road which has left us where we are today.

Ronald Reagan was the last great beloved ‘conservative’ President that those of us who are conservative, put up as the hero of our political hearts. And so, it’s not surprising that Bill O’Reilly has come out with a book called, Killing Reagan, in which, according to Mark Levine, who used to work for Reagan, is full of lies.

So, since we have sort of the same situation in this political election, I thought it would be a good idea to go back in time and remember how Ronald Reagan, became a republican.

Some of this I got from the book The President’s Club, an excellent book by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy.

Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan met in 1947, in California. Nixon was a 34-year-old congressmen and Reagan was the 36-year-old new president of the Screen Actors Guild.  Reagan was truly concerned at the time about the communist infiltration of his trade union. Remember…Nixon was a conservative republican, and Reagan was an FDR democrat. Nixon got a hold of him because he has set up an investigating committee…so Reagan testified in front of the House Labor Committee which was investigating communist influence in American power centers.

After that short stint they went their ways.Ronald four

Then Reagan started doing commercials for General Electric, and slowly becoming an anti-government man, and while he was doing that, Nixon became Dwight D. Eisenhower’s VP at the age of 40. Nixon took notice of Reagan who was talking a lot about government waste, so he wrote him a letter:

I thought you did an excellent job of analyzing our present tax situation. In recent months, I have been greatly encouraged by the apparent trend on the part of the America people to question the tax and tax, spend and spend …elect and elect philosophy. I hope you will have many opportunities to repeat your wise worlds. “

Reagan wrote back:

“Audiences are actually militant in their expression that something must be done…I am convinced there is a ground swell of economic conservatism building up which could reverse the entire tide of present day “statism.” As a matter of fact, we seem to be in one of those rare moments when the America people with that wisdom which is the strength of Democracy are ready to say, ‘Enough.’ “

(Sound familiar? It could be written today.)

Reagan, started writing letters to Nixon…and giving him advice…Ronald one

“I have a strong feeling that the twenty million non votes in the country just might be conservatives who have cynically concluded the two parties offer no choice between them where fiscal stability is concerned.”

(Again: Does nothing ever change?)

When it came time for Nixon to pick a Vice President…Nixon received a telegram at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago :


Reagan did not like the Rockefeller globalist, one-world-government, Rino’s, so Ronald Reagan became the vice chairman of the Southern California Democrats for Nixon.

“As a lifelong Democrat, today I feel no Democrat can ignore that the party has been taken over by a faction which seeks to pattern the Democratic Party and its politics after those of the Labor Socialist government of England. This is no longer the Democratic Party I joined as a young man. “Ronald Reagan three

He gave his support to Nixon over Kennedy, even though Joe tried to get him to change.

Ronald Reagan became a republican one day at a fundraiser on Nixon’s’ behalf near his home in Pacific Palisade, park. Midway through his speech, a woman in the audience stood up and asked Reagan…

“Have you registered as a Republican yet”

“No I haven’t, but I intend to.”

The lady was a local registration official and place the proper form in front of him. Reagan signed it, to the cheers of the audience and then he said.

“Now, where was I?”

And that’s how great men do it.


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Nobody’s Fool: Dick Morris…again.

Nobody’s Fool:

Dick Morris did a pretty good job summing up the last debate, not much different from mine, but much more succinct.

Didn’t he win last week? You know how it is during the holidays, I’m picking up mistletoe and putting down ornaments.


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Did Obama Pave the Way for Trump?

Nobody Wonders

The media is horrified with how well Donald Trump is doing in the polls, have you noticed?  YET..Nobody Wonders why nobody in the media ever thinks that they have Obama to thank for Donald Trump’s succeed. It was Obama that changed the whole Presidential PR machine to skipping out interviews by serious reporters, and just appearing on Oprah, The Tonight Show, and hanging out with rappers.   From now on, when you run for President, you’d better be able to control the media and entertain.

It was the basketball playing, put your feet up on the table, shuck and jive, smile, and give interviews to women with purple hair antics,  that has put the office down into the gutter land of Obama just being a flash and smile movie star, big first of a kind black affirmative action man. But when it comes to handling the media,  there IS no one, that can beat Trump at that.

Ali Baba?

Ali Baba?

Not even Bill Clinton.

Donald Trump knows how manipulate and since the media got Obama elected, why is that such a hard thing for everybody to figure out?

Ali A. Rizvi of the Huffyourpuffpost said this to explain why Trump is winning:

Trump is an astute opportunist who is incredibly smart, recognizes his audiences, and plays to their ignorance — capitalizing on their anger, fears, and sense of victimization to further his political stature. It’s classic, dictionary-definition demagoguery. (There’s no comparison, of course, but this is exactly the kind of thing leaders like Hitler were so good at.) His victimhood-peddling allows him to disguise hate and prejudice as hope and justice for poor, anxious Americans.

Get that? Trump is smart and playing on all the horrible racist people who are ignorant?

Mr. and Mrs.  conservative— Liberals think you are just plain stupid. IGNORANT? (Moron.) Yes, we DO have fear, fear that the progressive elites of both party will stay in power, and we will all end up trying to leave the country.  You have no idea how many people I meet that love China. REALLY. They love it there.

And then he posted this quote of Donald’s as proof that Donald is a fraud:

“The final key to the way I promote is bravado. I play to people’s fantasies. People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That’s why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular.”

Name me ONE candidate who is NOT using Hyperbole.

You can’t.

Ali a. Rizvi, —-get back into your lamp. Obviously living in the dark is something you are used to.


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