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Chris Wallace’s Takes a Page From Megyn Kelly: SLAP HIM!

Nobody Wonders

Okay. Last debate….a few Nobody observations.

First, wearing ‘white’ the color of purity, Hillary’s winkles were erased. Clearly she had very soft lighting upon her face, while Trump was squinting from the bright lights.

Trust me, that was on purpose. They were blinding him on stage. Being a performer for many years, and having to deal with stage lights, I saw this instantly. Not many people would know this. Her eyes were wide open.trump-and-clinton

Right off the bat,  Chris Wallace gave Hillary the advantage, and he did it in a very clever way. He let her talk on and on and on, and by using his first questions to cater to her strongest advantage: the children and woman. The first twenty minutes were all Hillary and her ongoing vision of saving the women and children. While Trump was squinting on the side.

Several times during the debate, he didn’t let Trump answer some very pertinent attacks by Hillary. And Hillary kept talking over Trump time and again.

What a bully.

It was pretty much a Hillary verbal landslide of political bullshit, and Mike let it go on all

Later on during the debate, Trump did score. But, there was so much more he could have said but didn’t.

I thought the biggest moment Donald missed was on the economy. Hillary is going to build jobs, and infrastructure. How? By making the rich pay more taxes and GOVERNMENT giving people jobs?

Oh right. Sure. The  one point he should have made was “The PEOPLE should make jobs, NOT the government.”

But Donald…didn’t do that, sadly. He makes the mistake of thinking the people KNOW the difference:  sadly, they do not.

Hillary used the EXACT same lines Obama said 8 years ago. “I will build the middle class, and bring jobs with infrastructure!”

And what did he do with the TARP money? It went to Obama’s rich friends! Remember: “Uh…well, the shovel ready jobs weren’t so shovel ready.”

Nevertheless, we heard Obama say he was going to build “jobs” and “infrastructure” over and over, and he ended up giving that money to his rich friends.

Basically, Hillary showed off her ability to spew big bullshit, and she got this talent from 30 years of making political speeches, making emotional pleas, and Mike Wallace did a great job putting Hillary in the best light that he

Trump fans, see through it of course, but the country is filled with many stupid people who will believe she was just fantastic.

Mike asked about Trump’s latest debates about women saying he abused them, Trump denied it, and he asked Hillary to speak about Bill, but…she didn’t, and Wallace did not push her. So unfair.

Let’s not drag Bill into THIS again.

But, here’s the ‘rig.” At the end of the debate, we had the Megyn Kelly moment: Mike Wallace ended the night with a question ONLY Donald Trump was asked….

“Will you accept the results of this election.”

Of course, in the last two weeks, with the revelations of the Wiki leaks emails, and the O’Keefe’s video tape proving the mass corrupting with the media and the democratic party, Trump should, question the results if it looks suspicious.

There is so much proof at the corruption of all of them, it’s overwhelming. And the press is ignoring ALL the corruption.

But to this nobody, Mike Wallace’s last question, was basically a way to let the country know: Hillary has been picked to be the next president by the elites, and if Trump questions it, he will be setting a president that has never in history been done, (which is a lie) and therefore he’d better go quietly, because Hillary is going to BE the next President and Trump and all his fans should just accept it, because it’s un-American not to.

(Never mind that it will be rigged, that’s not important)

This alone, will be discussed for the next three weeks, and they are counting on it. FOX is talking about it as I write.

Megyn Kelly lost viewers for her “take out Trump” question. Will Mike? Did he do the damage on Trump so very subtly where nobody would notice but the professionals?


At the end of the debate you could tell Hillary was getting tired. Her eyes were drooping, and her fake smiles were over the top, as if everyone she saw was giving her an orgasmic handshake.

In other words, the drugs were wearing off.

The most obvious thing in this debate is Trump is like us. He is NOT a politician. A lying, corrupt, sweet talking, promise the moon, but get by with murder, politician like Hillary.

And it’s right at this time, that we MUST keep fighting….

Our children’s future depend on it.



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