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11 Signs That the Global Elites are “Not so sure” if Hillary can win.

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“Despondency becomes not the dignity of our cause, nor the character of those who are its supporters.”  –Samuel Adams

Last year, when the two nominees for the parties were picked, and Trump VS Hillary became our choice, a trusted friend and I discussed who would win, and I said:

“The election will be VERY close, and Hillary will win by a few votes. Trump will win the popular vote, but Hillary will win the electoral votes. (They will already have been bought) They won’t dare let him get in.”

After writing about the corruption in Washington, and watching the destruction of our country since 2000, I am well aware of the “global elite” corruption and how they control so much of our lives. The clear path of a global government, based on the Chinese model of communism at the bottom, and crony capitalism at the top, has been expressed by most of the CEO’s as a good goal to achieved. They’ve talked about it, praised it, and now, they are trying to push it forward as fast as possible.


And here we are…a few weeks away from voting and the whole global/media/Hollywood/banking complex of billionaires are putting the full force of their efforts to trash Donald Trump.  A man, who by all accounts, the worst points against him is that he does not know how to spin a political speech, or be politically correct against a woman who has committed felonies out the wazoo.

Hillary has been part of the great crime syndicate named ironically, the Democratic Party since she rebelled against her daddy in high school.  Hillary says she is a proud progressive, which is code for, communist…. but you won’t learn that anywhere but a few well-hidden books.

Telling us that the whole world is against Donald Trump is proof alone that they THINK he might win.

I take it as a good sign: Donald just might pull this off. Even I was skeptical at how this could be done, with all the voter fraud that has happened over the years, and how the system really has been rigged to put the people in power that the global elites WANT in power, can one man do it?

Yes. According to experts of voting fraud they can rig an election when it’s close—BUT if the votes are overwhelming, they can’t rig it.

And that’s why we are seeing a psychological war in the media the likes that we have never seen. They spot the latest poll, and Trump is ALWAYS losing, which of course, is not true. It doesn’t matter. They will keep saying well past the final votes that he is losing. They are trying to keep you home.  They will even declare Hillary the winner if need be after the first few votes are counted.

It’s what they do. But…

Take heart…it’s not over until the fat lady sings. (Pick any fat lady you like.)

And here’s some more proof that I’ve found not to lose hope:

  1. The global republicans put Paul Ryan in the speakership. John Boehner was literally kicked out because they wanted a stronger and younger opponent to stand up to Trump. Paul is for everything the globalists want: amnesty, more immigration, open borders, big government. Paul did not oppose the Iran deal; he was placed there to BLOCK Trump. Remember how pissed off Boehner was about getting kicked out? Yep. And if they can pull off Hillary getting in, Paul will give her everything. The leader of the House controls everything.


  1. The Mexican President met with Trump. This is no small thing. To me, it looked as if he already saw the writing on the wall, and wanted to make sure Trump didn’t stomp on Mexico too hard when he gets in office. There was NO reason whatsoever for the Mexican president to meet with Trump. I think, he did it for his country’s own protection.
  2. The globalist made sure that the internet was handed over to the world, before the election, because they knew that Trump would not have allowed it. Globalization means taking control of the people’s right to voice objections to the draconian laws that will be coming down on them. Hillary could have done this. Why do it now? —Because they fear a Trump landslide.trump-on-drudge


  1. Steven Spielberg merged his company Amblin with Alibaba Pictures to be able to bring Chinese themed stories to the American audience, and American stories to China. Disney is already doing this with Asian cartoon characters, but clearly the global merger was done before Trump gets into office. Putting Chinese propaganda into movies might get a crackdown in a Trump, who is all American, administration. Here in St. Louis, Anheuser Busch was sold to an international company. There’s more to it than taxes, it’s all about ‘global’ markets, and the downsizing of American, which is being speeded up, due to Donald Trump.
  2. AT &T is merging with Time Warner. It will be the biggest merger in history, next to Monsanto and Bayer merging, which JUST happened. And they are doing it before the election because as Trump says, he would not have allowed it to happen.


  1. They’ve had that Billy Bush tape that exposed Trump to bad talk, held for this moment. The Bushes wanted Jeb in, and so, Billy Bush got that tape a long time ago, and held it for this purpose. The elites have always known Trump was going to run for President one day…. Billy will get a new and even better paying job, and like the tape that Jimmy Carter’s nephew released on Mitt Romney and the 47 percent that wouldn’t vote for him, these little bombs are planned well in advance. And only the relatives of Presidents can do it.The vast SLEW of Trump sexual harassments were released just weeks before the election. If they had been real, we would have already known about them. It’s countdown Trump scandal to scandal…to play out the time. It’s how the elites always do

Trump (7) is much more popular: He has three times the followers on FACEBOOK: On Instagram Trump has 6.2 million followers, Hillary 800,000 followers. On live stream video’s he has 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares,1.5 million views: Hillary has 9,000 likes, 0 shares, 121,000 views: Trump has 18.6 million Twitter followers, Hillary has 6.1 million, and more than 40 % of those are fake. Trump get 5,000 times more views on his videos: And as far as crowds go, Trump gets 30,000, and Hillary maybe at the most, 500. Sometimes nobody shows up.

There (8) are nearly 3 times as many people subscribed to “Hillary for Prison” than there are subscribed to the Clinton page.hillary-asshiilarys-eyes

Obama (9) is moving troops back into Iraq: Why now? It’s the globalists agenda to go back into Iraq.

10.  According to Dick Morris (In his book Armageddon) Trump will be up 1.2 million in the White vote: Hillary will be down 2.5 million in the black vote: Hillary will be down 2 million in the young votes: And if Trump can win Ohio, Florida, and Virginia he will be just short of victory. Any one of the remaining six toss-up states (“Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, and Wisconsin) would put him over

AND…(11.) Hillary and Obama are already playing a dangerous game with Putin, just to scare everyone and make Hillary sound strong. The global elite might start a war just to keep him out. Why even risk that if Trump had no chance? confushed-baby


And one final point: As my readers know, I’m not far from Ferguson, where Obama and Soros made their first attacks on the city. Never in my lifetime have I see the blacks in this town so nice to white people. All of a sudden! They smile, they talk to us, they open doors for us…my white neighbor noticed the same thing and said, “What did they do? All get together in church and decide to be nice?”

The blacks are waking up, and it’s because of Donald Trump. Now, THAT’s hope. Who would have thought that the fear of Hillary Clinton becoming President would finally end the race divide?

As I drive my neighborhood tonight, I noticed that NOBODY but me has a Trump sign out. You can’t find signs anywhere. Some people will say that it’s because the nation is divided and nobody wants to admit who they are voting for. But I have noticed all my neighbors are being REALLY nice to me now, more than usual.

I think: It’s because many people are going to vote for Trump….and they’re not taking the chance. After all, Trump supporters don’t go around trashing Hillary signs.

They just don’t. We are not the violent ones. global-plan

And while we know that all over the country, dead people. Illegals, and early voting is pushing Hillary into the ‘’lead” —when November comes, we will find out…who really controls our future.

The people. Or the crooks.

So, Sam Adams had good advice: Don’t lose hope: the signs are showing that the global elites are getting ready: just in case. And that means…

Donald Trump really COULD be our next President. Really….as long as we go out…and vote.


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