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Michael Moore “Why Trump Will Win.”

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Could this election get any more ridiculous?

Really? Check this out. The “Hillary Supporter” or was it “Bernie Supporter” business hater of the century, (While he gets rich off all their stocks) Michael Moore, came out today and…

You tell me. Does this sound like an endorsement of Donald Trump or what? It’s not of course, but the MILLIONS of college dweebies that love this guy are going to take a second look at Donald Trump and go…”Yeah man! He’s right! Hillary’s is a Wall Street puppet! Donald is really slamming it to the rich guys!”

Michael Moore might have just won the youth Bernie supporter for Trump if this gets passed around on the internet.

Obama can slow jam tweets and Miley Cyrus can pass her butt around the halls of college kids, Madonna can give blow jobs (any guys out there got one yet? Sue her if not!) But Michael Moore will get the actual people who go vote to…change their vote for Trump with this video.

Yeah. This floored me. But when you think about it, Michael almost HAD to ditch Hillary because if not, all his movies are just a sham to the folks who follow him. And Michael wants to keep making movies.

On the other side of humanity, Glenn the alcoholic Beck, called Trump a sociopath on the Charlie Rose show. Okay. So Charlie Rose forced him to repeat his words.

Since Glenn Beck started calling Trump names, he has lost his empire, and most of us don’t care.

Today we saw Trump in Florida, fired up…the voting booths are overflowing. And we all know, it’s not for Hillary.

And yet, the networks have doubled down on the polls, flashing with every minute that Hillary is winning. They are already saying he can’t win the electoral vote. As if, as Goebbels once said: the bigger the lie, the more you repeat it, the easier it is for everyone to swallow.

I’ve never seen anything like it. Colin Powell came out today and endorsed Hillary. Whose next? Mickey Mouse? (She already has Donald Duck.)

So, enjoy the video! Nobody Wonders ….what’s next?

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