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Nobody’s Perfect: The Walking Dead VS Harry Potter


Nobody’s Perfect

Remember the good old days, when Disney brought a happy ending and a message of good faith to every film? Hey! That’s why they called them the good old days! ……wait…Disney DID kill Bambi’s mother…


Well, this week, I found an oh so suspicious social engineering trend going on. I think they are taking the most popular movies and sitcoms and purposely making everybody feel demoralized, depressed, and defeated.

What? Far-fetched?

Let’s compare shall we:

The storylines of The Walking Dead VS Harry Potterwalking-dead

Let’s start with The Walking Dead that opened last night with its 7th season. To make this short: Rick the Sheriff has kept together and alive a vast band of personalities and people during the Zombie apocalypse.  As the seasons went on and on, it was clear that every season the Zombie murders got more vivid, more bloody, but hey! They were Zombies right? They were already dead! A sword in the head was only the kind of fake stuff you see on Halloween. And Rick the Sheriff kept everyone alive, and as safe as he could season after season.

BUT…. two main characters had their heads brutally based in by some bad guy named Negan last night. It was hands down, the bloodiest scene ever witnessed on any program in Prime Time TV. (Maybe Game of Thrones does more, but I don’t watch that.)

The men’s brains were smashed, about as violently as you could imagine…with a bat with spikes on it no less…. the only other violence that I can picture that upsets me as much is the real cutting off of heads by ISIS. They showed the whole thing.

It was repulsive, humiliating, and gross to the point of …why? Why? For ratings? Why?

But this wasn’t the main point: RICK was tortured and Rick comes out to say that he is no longer in control of his people. They must obey the new master.  We are being told the next season will be all about the people getting used to the new tyrant. It’s a new world. Good might win over evil…but it will be at a great cost….and you better get used to it.

The Harry Potter movies went the same way. With each movie, it got darker and darker. The kids were fed less food at the school…the headmaster killed himself, and in the end, even though Harry Potter defeats Voldemort, the whole Hogwarts school is destroyed, and many beloved characters die.

And that’s how its left: Both movies lead you to the message…your life is about to change for the worse…you will suffer, people will die, get used to it…just try to survive.

You might say: Good GOD Joyanna, you read too much into this stuff.hogswarts

Do I? After The Walking Dead last night, they had a 90-minute special to help the “grieving” fans of the show cope with what they just saw.

Think about that. If college kids can’t handle the word Trump on their campuses, how are they going to survive their favorite Walking Dead characters’ head’s being smashed in?

I’ve seen a lot of horror movies. I’ve never seen one that had such a violent scene as the one I watched last night. I felt really depressed when I went to bed.

And that’s my point.

Everything I watch has someone throwing up in it. Or peeing in it. Or getting beat up. Or the world is being destroyed with nothing left in it. Where are all the uplifting stories?

Can we get a break? Jeeeez.

No, and it’s because they want us to feel like there is no hope, that way, we will accept whatever comes our way, whether it’s the poisoning of our water in Flint, or the “Guess what? Nuclear waste is burning a few miles from your house! “or even an EMP attack.

And even if NOTHING happens, we all live in fear because we have seen the worst of humanity on our weekly TV programs….and I’m not just talking about Hillary.

Both The Walking Dead and The Harry Potter later movies, have taken all joy out of a good story.

And isn’t it odd? Most of the people responsible for these two shows…are British.

They must still be mad at us.

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