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Nobody Cares About What I learned From Last Night’s GOP Debate

Nobody Cares

Here’s what this Nobody learned at the GOP debate tonight.Debate tonight

Jeb Bush is MOSTLY concerned, above everything else, that Muslims will be insulted if we ban all Muslims from coming into the country. He must stay up at night worrying about it.

Jeb Bush thinks that Donald Trump is going to make prices higher at Wal-Mart, and obviously has no clue that he looks like my most boring (and not very bright) history teacher in High school that put me to sleep every time he opened his mouth.

Ben Carson is a Somebody.  He actually had the clearest picture of the danger of Isis…that they will more than likely deliver an EMP attack, or dirty bomb here in the United States.  But of course, that’s not as popular as spending trillions of dollars killing ISIS overseas, as suggested by everybody else.

If Ted Cruz doesn’t get the nomination, I think he should get his own Cable TV program where he plays a lawyer that never loses a case. Sort of Ted Cruz/Perry Mason.  He could have Donald Trump as a guess witness.

It doesn’t matter what matter what Marco Rubio says, he still looks like everybody’s high school brother who talks great, but then goes out and parties.

Rubio is fine with most of Mexico making up the United States, and that’s why, like a true politician, he didn’t answer the question on immigration.

Neil Cavuto set up the meaningless fights between Trump and Cruz, and Rubio and Cruz.  You know the “He said THIS about YOU!” crap. And so, if you really wanted to hear substantive answers, go back and listen to Huckabee and Sanatorum in the first debate.  Those FOX commentators were the best so far in any debate.

I still can’t understand why Santorum is not on the main stage, and why Jeb Bush still is.

Everybody can SAY what they want to do…get rid of the IRS, taxes, destroy ISIS, buy everyone a chicken, but the fact is, it’s all talk. Just talk.  Carly is right when she reminds us that it’s all talk. They can’t do any of it, and they don’t.

What? Flat Tax? Fair Tax? No tax? What? .

What? Flat Tax? Fair Tax? No tax? WTF?

If Donald Trump is President, he should bar Bill Clinton from the White House because he is always has a bevy of very beautiful woman around him.

Donald Trump does have a point: the Constitution does say, you must be born IN the country. It’s all a matter, as usual WHO interprets it. Ted should just go to the Supreme Court and get a ruling.

Ted Cruz was pissed off after the debate because he couldn’t come back to Donald’s remark about the brave people of New York. He should have KNOWN that he would lose that. I don’t think Ted is used to losing any debate..but he did on that one.

Highlights:  Donald Trump talking about China and New York, and his brilliant way of saying a one word answer…like..”NO.”  That’s why American’s love him. Ben Carson’s sweetness.

And who IS that guy that is always standing at the end looking like my late uncle Mike, trying to tell me about his new Honda?

Lowlights: The Tax plans…which nobody could explain in 60 seconds.  Jeb Bush praising Nikki Haley for doing such a good job for him.  Ted Cruz losing his confidence….trying MUCH too hard to impress.

What’s everybody going to say tomorrow? Things will remain the same.

Nothing will change.

Trump will stay in the lead, Rubio and Cruz will both get a little bump. Jeb Bush will continue to say he is going to be the ‘comeback’ kid, and Ben Carson will become a 21st century Plato. In the meantime, I think I’ll go listen to the first debate again.

We’ll just have a lot more of these debates—–Jeb needs about fifty more chances.



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