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Nobody Flashes Carly Wins First Debate

Nobody Flashes

My Nobody thoughts on the first GOP Debate:

First: FOX declares overwhelmingly that Carly Fiorina was hands down, the winner. And she was. She’s been good for quite a while so, THIS suspicious nobody was looking for the reason WHY all of a sudden, FOX news is thrilled with Carly? So, here’s some thoughts on the first debate which I must admit was more fun because my husband watched it with me and he HATES politics, and never watches it at all.

I promise not to repeat anything he said about any of them, probably not printable, although WAY too funny.

My husband and I watching the first GOP debate.

My husband and I watching the first GOP debate.

Rick Perry: I was looking around for the Marlboro’s man horse. He stood center stage, feet apart, like a man waiting for the Texas Rangers to ride in with his ten gallon hat, to which he would climb upon his horse and then get off and smile real big, and hand out some cigars. Rick insisted that Donald Trump was a celebrity and not a conservative. But that was only after Martha McCallum asked everyone what they would say about Donald Trump.  Clearly, not fair to Donald. They could have used those minutes to talk about other issues, why not ask the same question about everybody running?  But then again, it was almost a loaded “Go ahead and trash him!” question. The Bushes sitting in their mansions, must have loved it.  To this Nobody, the first planted attack by their reporters to cut down the lead of the Trumpster. Rick says TEXAS is great, but, I guess you’d have to ask the people who live there. I can only take his word for it.

Although, for big business, I’m sure he’s right. Is his border secure? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….ummmm…ahh…

Rick Santorum: Probably the best he’s ever looked. LOVED the suit, which looked as if he painted it on. Rick has come a long way since his last run, and he did a good job talking about his successes in Congress.  We’re happy he has nine kids, and it’s nice to know he’s been supporting them without welfare….but he looks like the neighborhood football coach.

Jim Glimore: Who? Where did THIS guy come from? I kept seeing visions of Lou Grant. I didn’t get the feeling that he was there to really run for President but to warn America that we are in grave danger. Which was ONLY thing Lindsey Graham talked about. But, he was likable enough. Nobody suspects the GOP Rinos likes to pack the field with different men to get out their messages, but I could be wrong.

Lindsey Graham: “When is he going to come out of the closest?” said my husband. He’s not married. And he looked asleep. My husband kept making loud snoring noises especially when he said he would be a great commander-in-chief with all the enthusiasm of a Galapagos turtle deciding to eat a small tomato.  Evidently the GOP wants the audience to know that we need to send troops into the Middle East. Because Isis is going to get us here.

And then we all ask” So, why are we LETTING them into the country, morans!?” That question was not asked..but there was another recent entry that had the same message..George PatakiGOP Debate part one

George Pataki: Yes, he was governor of New York on 9/11, and was bragging about that, which make the rest of us wonder how the governor of New York on 9/11 did not PROTECT New York on 9/11..with some jets…you know…maybe some missiles, or paying attention to the first attack on the Twin Towers? Pataki has all the right talk, but look at him. He’s like a windup doll. My husbands’ comment: Let me show you this Pinto. 

Bobby Jendal: I really like Bobby, but my husband kept saying he looked like an Indian Jimmy Carter which threw me into laughing  As everybody know, I like Bobby Jendal. I find it hard to criticized him at all, but he does better when he can walk around.

Carly Fiorina: The first question Martha asked her was loaded with negative comments about her, but she held fast. And then later I noticed when she was talking they cut her time short with that bell. She kept talking.

She was, as usual, prepared, succinct, and presidential. She comes across as someone you can trust.

NOW…back to my point. Yes, it was clear she won the debate, but why all of a sudden has she become so popular by the FOX news reporters?

My guess….Jeb. They know he will lose to Hillary, and running Carly as a VP will help him, as much as Sarah helped John McCain. The Rino’s are salivating.

I have watched Rick Santorum give Carly a shout out, and then Rick Perry did the same tonight. And I also noticed the look on Carly’s face.

She doesn’t want second place.  And she knows, they are scoring points by simply giving her praise…the woman’s vote is important.

Her answer on Trump was superb, she questioned his policies but not the man. Unlike Jeb Bush who had called Trump an asshole.

Yes, she won.  Nobody could deny it…

And now, the second act…

One thing is clear…Donald Trump came out with such great and bold flair———that all the politicians have had to up their game….

And the big game is soon to begin!

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