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Nobody Knows Who REALLY Won the Second Debate

Nobody Knows

Hey! Who won the second debate? Donald Trump had the answer I came up with: Everybody did well.

Here’s my thoughts on each of them:debate one

BUSH: Sigh. He had the best joke of the night, but the more he talks, the more he reminds us that he will not only be an extension of his family’s polices, he will be the leader of a Spanish nation, and that’s fine with him.  It’s hard to watch him, because he does that creepy head turn, that famous Bush twist of the head, that is hard to watch. Win against Hillary? No.  He really shouldn’t be running. And by the way Jeb, quit talking like your STILL the governor of Florida. You’re not.

CARSON: I was surprised to learn that Ben Carson admitted that he had been great friends with President George W. Bush…and this time he came off sounding more like a very wonderful, intelligent, and kindly doctor. Truly a remarkable man, and honest.  But, he was less impressive tonight…could he win against Hillary? No. My favorite thing he did was agree with Donald Trump about vaccines.

CHRISTIE: Christie is good, but remember, he’s a politician. His approach was to look in the camera and “feel your pain” so to speak.  Christie, will change with whomever he needs to  make points with.  He might be fine for New Jersey, but the rest of us? He’s just a typical politician. Would he win against Hillary…I’m not sure.  I’ll get back to you on that.

CRUZ: Ted continues to morph into a Presidential appeal. He’s great on his speeches, he’s a fighter, he’s right on almost every issue, but like he told O’Reilly tonight. He doesn’t get much air time. And could he be ruthless? Not sure. It’s one of the reason so many people like Trump: We have ruthless men ruling the world, we need a ruthless man to deal with them.  Ted is one of my favorites. …but would he win against Hillary Clinton? Hillary would find something to demolish him before that would ever happen.

FIORINA:  Carly once again, was great. As far as talking quick on her feet, and knowing her subjects she delivered every time, until the end, with that speech on Lady Liberty. It was not the right ending. Actually, on substance alone she did better than everyone. Could she win against Hillary? I’m not sure. She went out of her way to prove she could become America’s Margaret Thatcher, if our country wasn’t full of half liberals.

HUCKABEE: Talk about the entertainer. Watching Mike was like watching him on his TV show. Mike has some great speeches, and good ideas, but he’s much too religious for this America, sad as that may be to say. Against Hillary? No. The younger generation would not vote for him.debate two

KASICH: Please. Every time this guy talks I want to throw wet sponges at his head.

PAUL: Paul didn’t help himself by repeating over and over that somewhere a mother who needed to give her sick child marijuana oil would be arrested by Chris Christie. Sometime Paul get WAY over the head of the mostly uneducated public.  Against Hillary? No.  I got the feeling that he did NOT want to even be on stage with any of them.

RUBIO: A man who is ready to go out and kill every enemy of America, and then save Cuba. He makes Jeb Bush look like a rich school boy, and he speaks well…but he too, like Jeb, will be easy on immigrants.

TRUMP: Trump had a hard night, but he managed to survive, which wasn’t easy since most of those guys have an advantage over him because they all KNOW the specifics of many foreign policies because they get the info. The two points I liked was that He was against going into Iraq. And some vaccines cause autism.  To be fair, half the questions were aimed at getting SOMEONE to get into a fight with him. Not until the later hours did we finally get to hear some policy.  Could he beat Hillary?

Pretty simple. Yes. He would get many blacks, Hispanics, and Independents to vote for him. He may not have the slick words of the rest of the group, but…action, not words. Trump spells action to me.

WALKER: He did better tonight, but I’m sorry. I’m glad he fought the Unions in Wisconsin, but Ted Cruz was fighting the whole Congress while Walker was being praised at being a hero. I still can’t get excited …and I’m not sure why.

SANTORUM: I still like Rick Santorum. I can’t figure out why he is so completly ignored. It seem, like Ted Cruz, he has been fighting Congress for quite some time.  He is probably the truest conservative of the whole bunch….in the old sense of the word.  To me, he won the second debate on substance alone.

PATAKI: Please. Go get a pizza when this guy comes on.Bill Gates two

JINDALL:  Bobby  should have been on the last stage. He said some really great things. BUT his disgusting rant on Donald Trump will keep him at the bottom. Rick said the right thing about Trump:

He has a right to run as much as anybody else.

It will be interesting tomorrow to hear the “twist” and turns of what everybody says.

I suspect Fiorina will be declared the winner of the debate, and I give her credit.

But…Trump WILL remain in the lead. That’s just my Nobody Opinion.


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